Velocity Diet Tips and Recommendations


Hey guys, my name is Dan and I am going to start the Velocity Diet. A little bit about me, I’m 25 and I am 6’2 about 220, I have an athletic build but recently my stomach has been turning into a gut. I have been letting myself go this summer so now that summer is over I want to hop on the Velocity Diet after reading about it from Dan John. I would like to get around 205-210. I’m not sure what to expect really so any tips or personal experiences are greatly appreciated. I have ordered the supplements and I’m hoping they get here by today but they will probably come by tomorrow. The only thing I did not order was the Plazma. I usually train first thing in the morning fasted and only really drink water while I workout, and sometimes BCAAs. Is Plazma an essential to the diet because I know that you only take it on training days, from what I read. Anyway, that’s my story and I will be updating as soon as I start. Like I said, any tips you guys could give me along the way would be much appreciated. Thank you.


That’s a great way to burn muscle. Not what we want. Even just having BCAAs isn’t really enough to spare muscle tissue and fuel hard training. Plazma has hydrolyzed casein protein which contains all the aminos including BCAAs and is absorbed faster and more efficiently than straight BCAAs.


It’s specifically designed to help you train harder, recover better, and improve the results from the workouts. It’s also your only other a source of carbs outside of the HSM, which makes it a key part of the overall nutrition plan.

With the approach you’re talking about, you’re on track to hit a wall with the training since you’ll be extremely low carb every day of the week, which can limit training intensity within the workout and impair recovery between sessions.