Velocity Diet Started Friday Nov 27

I just started a couple days ago. It’s certainly not gonna be an easy 28 days! I haven’t been feeling too hot; slight headache and my stomach isn’t too happy with me. I’m really hoping I’ll feel better in a couple days and that my body is just getting used to this assault. We’ll see. I’m pumped though.

Well… day 3 and 4 are rough. After that your body should be falling into the routine. Congrats on taking the plunge. Work the program and the program will work for you! Good luck…


I’ve been feeling quite a bit better. Things are going well, and I’m not having any trouble sticking to the program. My stomach still isn’t “happy” when I take the HOT-ROX, but the symptoms are getting lesser and lesser, so I’m not too worried. The workouts are fun.

Hey, how are you finding the training? Have you got your before measurements? Will you be measuring again soon as you are near the 1 week marker? :slight_smile: Matt

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