Velocity Diet Started 1/4/16

Giving the V-Diet a go. I am 44yo and I’ve been back lifting for about a year now after an approximate 14 year layoff (not recommended lol). I have lost about 25# over the last year, and I am hoping to lose 10-20# of fat and get in the teens% body fat for the second time in my life. I ordered the “diet kit” from Biotest and read the guide. I am going to follow the diet and workouts as closely as I can, and also do the V-Challenges and NEPA.

Starting Measurements:
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 222 lbs
Neck: 16.5 in
Shoulders: 53 in
Chest: 45.5 in
Waist (one inch above): 40 in
Waist (one inch below): 41.5 in
Waist (at navel): 41 in
Hips: 41.5 in
Biceps: R 16.75 in; L 16.5 in
Thighs: R 26 in; L 25 in
Calves: R 16.5 in; L 16.5 in

I’m on day 4 and going strong. Welcome aboard, you got this!

Thanks man! Day #3 now and going strong!

Good luck on the Velocity Diet and be sure to keep your log updated. It helps keep you accountable to yourself and is also a great way for us to follow your progress and help out if you need anything.

Best of luck to you! today is day one for me. :grin:

Great job! Keep it up!

I meant to check-in yesterday, but got busy with work. Down to 217# today (start of Day 9), so that is 5# so far. About 3/4 to 1" of the waist at the navel. I’ll take measurements again on Monday.

I haven’t really had a problem with hunger and I haven’t cheated or binged at all, but I did reduce the Plazma to 1.5 serving also to make it through. I think since I was already used to dieting/calorie restriction over the last year, it hasn’t really felt much different. The spacing and frequency of the shakes has helped too. Followed the workouts and the V-Challenge (which was tougher than it it looks due to my poor conditioning, need to work on that). Overall, energy level has been stable. Hoping for another solid week!

About an inch in 9 days? I hope you can maintain that pace for the rest of the program. That’d be amazing.

My belly was 40 inches (the biggest it has ever been in my life) when I started this program. I’d love to see it back down to 34-35 when this is over, but that’s ambitious. I’ll race you…

OK, after 14 days, I’m down to 214.5#. So -7.5# in 14 days. Down roughly an inch on each of the 3 waist measurements and the the chest. Arms, neck, calves, hips are pretty much the same.

I’ve been about 90% complaint with the meals and timing, probably erring on the low side for total calorie intake. Only really had cravings last Friday (my historical binge day) and felt low on energy that day as well. Otherwise, no problems.

I’ve found mixing the shakes with ice cubes and a handheld blender makes a delicious treat! I do this for one or two of my shakes every day now. Here’s my favorite way to do it:

2 scoops Chocolate Metabolic Drive
1 cup Silk unsweetened almond- coconut milk
1 cup bottled or filtered water
1/2 tray ice cubes or crushed ice (even better)
Blend until thick like a regular milkshake. The cup of Silk only adds 35 calories (and a TBSP or two in coffee is great too)!

After 21 days, I’m down 10# and 1.5 inches on the waist at the navel. Diet and exercise are on point. No cheating. I’m hoping for another 2# this week, and will update all measurements then.

I’ve decided to continue the diet for another month as well. It’s worked better than anything I’ve tried before, and It’s actually pretty convenient once you get used to it. Maybe add another HSM, and drop to 3 shakes a day. Thoughts??

I’m planning on continuing for 2 more weeks, but 3 shakes and 2 HSMs!

Totally agree with you with regards to being one of the easier diets!


Finished my 28 days and I’m pleased with the results. Down 13# in 28 days and 2 inches off the waist. I stuck to the program as strictly as I could, and I didn’t lose any strength on my lifts. I’m taking a week off (hitting a Chinese buffet today and then a pint of Blue Bell ice cream) by increasing the calories and 2-3 HSMs, then starting a second round on Monday. Also, will be eating more on Sunday for Super Bowl party of course! :slight_smile: Congrats to everyone doing the program and my continued support!

28 Day Measurements:
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 209 lbs (-13 lb)
Neck: 16.5 in (no change)
Shoulders: 52 in (-1 in)
Chest: 44.5 in (-1 in)
Waist (one inch above): 38 in (-2 in)
Waist (one inch below): 39.5 in (-2 in)
Waist (at navel): 39 in (-2 in)
Hips: 41 in (-.5 in)
Biceps: R 16.25 in; L 16.25 in (-.5 in on R, not so happy about that)
Thighs: R 26 in; L 25 in (no change)
Calves: R 16 in; L 16 in (-.5 in)

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