Velocity Diet & Soccer?

Hey all,

I have been lurking on here for a while now. I am interested in starting this diet up, however I do play soccer twice a week in a Men’s league. My worry is that on this diet, I wont have ample energy to run around for 45+ minutes. Is this the case?

Would I just load up on carb whole food at night, or something.

This worry is the only thing holding me back right now.

I would be playing every Wednesday evening, and Sunday morning. Please let me know. Thanks.


Do you make a lot of money playing soccer? Does it pay the bills? If not, then focus on the diet. It’s only 28 days, after all.

Plus, many people actually experience a performance boost because of the fat loss. One of the best ways to boost sports performance, agility, vertical leap, etc. is to lose the excess tubbage. Still, don’t expect optimal sports performance on the V-Diet. Just ask, what’s more important to you?

Whatever your choice, don’t half-ass the diet by “tweaking it” to fit the sport. Either do the diet perfectly and expect a little temporary sports performance decrease (maybe), or go for optimal sports performance with normal healthy eating and skip the diet for now.

All that said, I think most people use the excuse of sports performance to overeat carbs and overeat in general. Unless your name is Michael Phelps, I bet focusing on the diet and fat loss is the best bet for now.

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