Velocity Diet Schedule

Robocop507 asks:

I am police officer, 5’9" 196lbs in good shape. I could take it to next level though, legs weak, mid section needs shred. My schedule is 12 hour shifts 2 weeks days, 2 weeks nights it just kills my progress. Anyway, before I spend almost $500 on this diet, curious of any feed back you can give me about the diet that I haven’t already read, or address my concerns with schedule, the workout is really not the issue, its sleep and then snacks, craving etc. I drink 80 ounces of water a day, workout 3 to 4 times a week, I just need help.

Not sure particularly you wanted to sort out, but that sounds like a rough work schedule so it might be better to approach the diet slightly more “generalized”, instead of trying to stick to a strict timetable.

For example, everyday I’d just make sure you get in the 4 shakes and one HSM, even if it doesn’t necessarily fall into “breakfast shake”, “mid-day shake”, “afternoon shake”, HSM dinner, “bedtime shake”. Make sense? (Plus, of course, workout nutrition on days you train, but that’s a non-negotiable for each session anyhow).

It might also be easier, prep-wise, to pick up a bunch of shaker bottles, toss the powder into four of them, and take them with you (if that’s feasible, not sure if you can carry a small bag with you during the day), and just pour water in and mix them when it’s time for a shake.

The sleep thing can be rough, so for sure do the best you can for quality, if not quantity. This article has a few tips. The single biggest thing I’ve found to make a difference is to darken the room as much as absolutely possible. I hang a blanket over the windows because the shades aren’t enough, I block the digital clockface with a book so it’s not like a nightlight, etc.

As for snacks and cravings, on one hand, you’re dieting, so that’s almost unavoidable. On the other hand, it’s almost unavoidable. Chewing gum helps most people, especially since Extra makes Dessert Delights with some funky flavors. Getting creative with the shake recipes can also help, even simple stuff like adding cinnamon or instant coffee can make things easier.

And definitely get a log going since the team approach, motivation, and support from folks who have or are going through it can chime in along the way.

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