Velocity Diet Round 2

This is my second time doing the Vdiet. The first time around was a success. With a move to the Big Apple and desk job right out of college, I quickly put on the pounds (organized sports in college saved my regular eating habits!). I started around 150 pounds 23% BF and ended on 130 pounds and 19% BF.

The first time wasn’t as bad as I thought and I followed everything to the T. This time around, I am starting at 140 pounds and 20% BF with the goal to get to 127 and keep my BF between 17-19%. It seems harder for me this time. I am feeling lethargic and mentally exhausted. I am on a successful day 2 but I have to say that I think my meal was over the calorie intake. I had a huge serving of chopped chicken breast, sautéed collard greens/broccoli/garlic dish, and some roasted sweet potato. I was somehow still hungry with my sweet tooth and gave in to consuming 2 small organic apples.

Tomorrow I will attempt to stick to it 100% with all portions being addressed.

Also, with my workouts - I have a trainer who introduced me to the Vdiet and I am working out with him 3x a week on strength. I’ve been doing powerlifting and Olympic lifting for the most part.

I will take my BF and measurements tonight and start to keep up with my progress here!

Good luck to all whom are on this adventure too!! You can do it! It’s hard but the reward is definitely worth every brownie and cocktail you forgo!

Good luck and be sure to keep your log updated. We find that this is one of the key elements in reaching your goals on the diet. It keeps you accountable to yourself and is also a great way for us to follow your progress and help out if you need anything.

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First, be very careful with those body fat measuring devices. Most are VERY inaccurate and can fluctuate wildly due to many different factors. That might be disheartening to see false numbers when you’re dieting and training hard. Use the V-Diet ebook guidelines: tape measurements, scale, photos, and how clothes fit.

Sounds like you’re also in the “detox” portion of the diet, which is really just your body hitting you with possible withdrawal-like effects from foods you may have been eating before (milk, wheat, and of course junk foods all have that physical affect.) Time is the only cure, but week 2 should be feel much better.

While I think everyone can eventually eat well and stay lean without being a calorie counter, you may want to do that with your healthy solid meal, just to keep things in check. It’ll become instinctive later as the craving fade. Also be sure to use the modifications outlined in the V-Diet ebook and tweak the plan as needed.

Lastly, if you’re not using the V-Diet workouts, I suggest trying them. They’re made for the diet, while powerlifting is, well, kinda the opposite type of plan to use when the main goal is fat loss.

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Well, new year, new outlook! I was unsuccessful with starting the V-diet the second time around. Stress, the holidays, and working overtime at the office became my “excuses”.

I am excited to OFFICIALLY start my Round 2 January 1, 2016… I have all the supplies and have started a modified diet this week to ween myself off the sweets and control my cravings more so - just to make the diet easier to start for myself.

I am taking all my measurements and weight today and decided to track my results with weekly photos and how my clothes feel/fit.

My first time doing the V-diet I noticed it was a HUGE mental challenge which I think I enjoyed more than the diet itself. Food no longer was a focal point of my day… I looked at it as fueling my muscles that I worked so hard on rather than the taste/sensation on my tongue and in my stomach.

I have a lot of goals for 2016 (in and outside of the gym) but I do know that a fitness competition and powerlifting competition are on my list!

Happy New Year and good luck to all the new (and round 2, 3…) VDieters!

Thank you! I will certainly keep posted via the forum. I didn’t post any updates when I was planning on starting at the beginning of this month. This time around, I am making sure I keep up with updates. I think this will mentally make me feel more accountable.

Cheers to the New Year and thank you for your support!

Thank you so much for all the help and great feedback! I am excited to start and stick with it for 2016!

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