Velocity Diet Round 2


I did the Velocity Diet back in September of 2010 and had great results. Went from 200 to 177. I had kept off the bad weight for over a year but alas I have fell off the wagon a bit. I got into some bad eating habits and decided to do the Velocity Diet once again.

I haven’t did my measurements yet but I will soon. I did take a few before photos that I’ll upload. I think I’m still in pretty good shape just want to cut off the fat again. My weight is 187 and my goal is to get back down to 180 or maybe my final weight last time of 177. I’ll keep you guys updated. Pretty pumped to do this all over again. I love it.


Before front


Day 1: And we are off! Glad all my supplements came in, I’m ready to do this!


You have been MIA from the logs. Are you still keeping up with the diet?


Didn’t really keep up with the logs. I’m a JV baseball coach and high school teacher, hard to do all of that and keep up with this log. I did take an after picture.


After pictures on March 15, 2012
Weight- 179


After pic 2