Velocity Diet Round 1


First time on the V-Diet; day 1 went ok. I was pretty hungry the whole time, but it might have been more psychological.
Before: 6’3", 265lbs. Probably slightly under 20% body fat.

DAY 1:
0700- shake, Superfood, Flameout
1000- shake, Flameout
1300- shake, Flameout
1630- HSM. Chicken breast, sweet potato, steamed veggies
1930- Plazma
1945-2100- gym and more plaze
2200- final shake, Flameout, and bed


Day 2 in the books. Still constantly hungry. Oh well

0900- shake, Superfood, Flameout
1200- shake, Flameout
1500- shake, Flameout
1800- HSM: 1/4lbs lean beef, 1 cup rice, 2 eggs (loco moco!), Flameout
2000- Plazma and gym
2200- shake, Flameout, bed


Haven’t had time to post, but been keeping up with things diet-wise. At the end of week 1 I’m down 9lbs. Still constantly hungry, but I just don’t care as much. My only real beef with the diet is the workouts. They’re too easy!