Velocity Diet Results (5-26 to 6-22)

Guess I’ll start off with the numbers (everything in inches/lbs)

Age - 19
Height - 5’5’’.75 :frowning:

Calories - 1300ish
Training Days - 1600ish

Weight - 174.5
Neck - 14.5
Right Arm - 15.5
Left Arm - 15.25
Largest part of belly/love handles - 35
Upper Abs - 31.5
Chest - 38
Calf - 15
Thigh - 25

Weight - 162.4
Neck - 14
Right Arm - 15
Left Arm - 14.75
Largest part of belly/love handles - 32.5
Upper Abs - 30.5
Chest - 37
Calf - 14.5
Thigh - 24

Totally forgot about hip measurements in the before measurements so I didn’t bother measuring them after. Not sure if I measured correctly either…but everything went down.

Other than being a bench/curl whore in high school weight training I’ve been lifting properly sine January though I didn’t have access to a real gym until March. I don’t have any plans to compete in any form in the future so bulking up beyond the BF of the before pics isn’t really something I want to do. I’ll most likely take it slow and eat 200-300ish above maintenance after the diet, with Surge on training days of course :slight_smile:

From the start to finish of the diet I wasn’t really too active other than actually walking to/from the gym, NEPA, and workouts. No classes, no job atm ;X. I used chocolate Metabolic Drive from start to finish and there wasn’t a problem with the taste for me. I stuck with chocolate Surge, which I’ve been using for a few months now. The diet was super easy in my opinion, only thing that sucked was the flax seed.

I used the beginner workout plan and 3% incline, 3.5 mph, 60 min walks from start to finish. The workouts are definitely the hardest part of the diet, if you don’t skimp out on the weight. By the third week I thought I was gonna die, but I guess 8 x 4 deadlifts with 30 seconds of rest can do that to you ;X

Other than some light headed moments during the first week, and getting used to 30 second resting periods there’s really not much more to say. I’m very happy with the results and I’ll probably get started on a 5x5 program after the transition, hopefully get my crappy wheels somewhere.

Hopefully this post didn’t get too long, I’m not a fan of long posts myself so, you know.


Not sure why it looks like I grew half a foot in this pic

Second leg pic was a bit blurry…

Here’s my attempt at a back double bi :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like I lost the most fat from my back which still seems to look a little thick, I also just realized I didn’t smiley my face on the first post lol

Forgot to mention I used some generic fish oil capsules (15 daily) because Flameout was no where to be found until a few days ago.

Good job! Biggest differences I can see are in the side pics. Oh, and that smiley face on your crotch seems to have lost some length and gotten fatter. I’d get it checked out, unless of course it was cold in the room.

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