Velocity Diet Regime and Carb Cycling


this might be a very stupid idea, but having read about carb cycling and having done the V-Diet, is it feasible to combine the two if you want to do carb cycling (not during diet time)?

What I mean is, using the V-Diet regime for 2 days (no carbs), then a low carb day, the a high carb day, low carb again and back to the V-diet days.

Would this give me the benefits of both?

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Well, the V-Diet isn’t super low in carbs on training days since it contains a workout nutrition drink. But honestly, if you repair your “broken” fat cells and dysfunctional nutrient uptake mechanisms, you won’t have to micromanage diet to such an extent. I haven’t had to do anything of the sort since using Indigo-3G. It’s like treating the actual problem vs. treating the symptoms. Look into it if you haven’t yet. Best thing I ever did. If that’s not possible for you, then I really don’t like mixing diet plans. Results would be a wild guess.

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