Velocity Diet Questions

nmonaco asks:

In calculating the calories, the online calculator only asks for age and weight. Why not height? If I were 4’10" and 220 it is different than 5’10" 220.

I presently take konsyl powder fiber supplement daily in low cal ice tea and a splash of oj. Keeps me very regular. Do I need to stop doing that?

I am concerned about the impact on my digestion. Will I have the runs for 28 days with all this liquid diet?

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The Velocity Diet calculator numbers are just estimates that work for most people. Sure, there are occasional outliers and we can help them modify the plan if needed to fit their needs.

You can continue taking the fiber supplement if it works for you, but avoid additional calorie-containing beverages like sweetened tea and orange juice. Consume it with water or, if that particular fiber supplement works well in this manner, in a <a href=""target=“new”>Metabolic Drive shake.

The vast majority of people do not experience “the runs” on the V-Diet unless they substitute the specially-designed protein powder in the V-Diet (Metabolic Drive) for a discount product.

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