Velocity Diet Question for Chris

I have been doing the Velocity Diet for a week now and have not lost a single pound. I have not been doing the workouts as stated as I have been weight lifting 6 times a week and resting on sunday and also training for muscle building. Will I not lose weight doing it this way? Its very frustrating going through a week of hard work and seeing no results. I have also been taking creatine for a month and continued using it once I started the V diet. My strength numbers are still increasing and I am getting stronger I am just not losing any weight. Any feedback?

Also, my workouts have consisted of 4-6 rep range and 3 sets of bench press, deadlifts, military presses some bicep/tricep work, squats, Olympic lifts and ab work. My clothes are fitting better I’m just not losing weight even with the substantial caloric deficit

If you clothes are fitting better, you must have lost some fat some where. I have had several days where I’ll not lose a single pound and then 2 will be gone overnight. If you have to, subtract one scoop of MD somewhere. I’m down to only six scoops a day now. See my log for my journey. I’m on day 22 right now.

Not trying to be an ass but lifting six days a week following a strength program is not “doing the Velocity Diet” You might be following the meal plan but you’re not following the program.

Try the program as written - three days of lifting and one day of the calisthenics circuit with NEPA each day. They spent a lot of time designing a lifting program to work with the meal plan, you are paying a lot for their expertise in training, might as well try it and see how it works.

[quote=“Sphirish, post:1, topic:6301”]
My strength numbers are still increasing and I am getting stronger
[…] My clothes are fitting better[/quote]
So, the diet is working just fine. This is why it’s important to take weekly measurements as well. If you just want the scale to read a lower number, chop off a foot. It won’t make your physique look any better, but you’ll lose a couple pounds.

Also, like Dubya said, lifting heavy each workout 6 days a week isn’t the suggested training plan. The V-Diet workouts were designed a certain way for a certain reason. Some folks do plug in their own training, but you need to understand that you’re going “off book” so the same results aren’t a sure thing. Also, you need to understand it’s difficult, at best, to do follow a low calorie/low carb diet while training heavy often (like it sounds like you’re doing).

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