Velocity Diet--Protein for Limited Meat Eaters

Hi all! So, summer’s coming up and I’m making myself do the V Diet. I had done the original V Diet with 1 HSM per week and lost 20 pounds - I miss being “lighter”. Since the new and improved V Diet allows 1 HSM per day, its definitely a lot easier.

However, as a person with limited “meat” interests, I find it challenging at times to find a good protein source. I eat chicken, turkey & eggs. Here’s a question - Would you guys consider turkey bacon a good source of protein? I know its high in sodium, but at 25 calories a slice, could I eat like 4 slices and count that as my protein?

Sure, no problem. When it comes to bacon it’s generally best to go for the better quality stuff from health food stores. All turkey bacon is a “fakey” of course since turkeys don’t have bellies like pigs, but the “natural” varieties tend to have fewer questionable additives.

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