Velocity Diet Post Surgery/Plazma and Meals

Hello all.

I have been a T-Nation aficionado for many years and have enjoyed the subject matter and supplements. Thank you.

I am in Week #2 of the Velocity Diet and am recovering from a knee scope (lateral release and two trimmed meniscus) that occurred in Week #1. Results have been excellent so far…with respect to knee recovery and the Diet. I’m 6’1, and 40 years old: I started at 216 lbs, am down to 205 lbs and I can notice a body change as well.

I am obviously limited to more upper body training given my post surgery constraint, and I cannot complete the V-burn challenge.

I realize the timing of the V-Diet and surgery was not optimal; however, I welcome any advice beyond the obvious: “Start the V-Diet after you rehab your knee.” That, however, is great advice.

Also, I train in the mornings and would like some advice regarding the timing of my first Metabolic Drive and the Plazma. Is it proper to have my normal meal of Metabolic Drive followed by my pre-workout Plazma.

Thanks in advance to any counsel. Best to all.

Kudos to you for getting the diet started even though you just had surgery. Why not do the V-Diet. You may not lose as much because of the lack of NEPA and V-Burn, but imagine if you weren’t doing anything diet-wise? You’d be gaining weight while being somewhat immobilized. Doing something is all that matters - the diet/routine you follow aren’t as important as following something that works for you.

As for timing, I’m a week in and I workout in mornings after waking up and having some coffee. I have coffee, immediately swig down about 1/3 or so of my Plazma and then plough through the rest during training session. I have my Metabolic Drive, Superfood and Flameout either pre- or post-shower. No issues so far.

Yes, obviously it would be optimal to wait til your knee is healed so you can do all the lifting and V-Burn. But honestly, I think you’ll be fine (as long as you remember to not develop chicken legs after your rehab is done!) Plus, all that extra protein is amazing for wound healing. Consider curcumin as long as you’re not taking NSAIDs for your knee, and not on blood thinners. And honestly, the NEPA is great for your rehab. I assume your provider recommended to take it easy on the stairs and focus on walking. Also your body will be burning more than usual trying to heal from the scope.

I’ve done morning workouts with no problem. If I’m pressed for time, I get up, drink my Plazma, work out, then come back and have coffee and shake. If I have more time, I’ll get up, do coffee and maybe half a shake, then Plazma, then rest of/whole shake. I believe as long as you’re getting the shakes in and taking Plazma before your workout, you can’t go wrong.

Good luck, and congrats to you for being a badass who is doing this in spite of knee surgery!

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