Velocity Diet Package

earlos asks:

Is the V diet package only half of the supplements I need for the 28 days? Seems real expensive to buy 2 of those.

Its enough of everything except Plazma unless you only do 1 scoop of plazma instead of 2.

Earlos, not sure where you heard it’s only half. It’s not. One package will get you through the 28 days.

Yeah I’m not getting the math on the plasma either. Even if you just use it for the strength training days and not on the body weight days that’s still 12 training sessions, correct? 2 scoops is 10 servings per bottle. I just figure we would need those calories esp. on training days of any kind to recover in such a low calorie state.

You are correct that there are 10 serving in the Plazma bag. The official V-Diet guide says to use the Plazma on V-Burn day, which would mean you get 2 and 1/2 weeks out of the whole V-Diet package. It’s been stated many times on the forums here by Chris that the Plazma is not required on V-Burn day. That brings it to just over three weeks worth. So either buy another bag (it should be a staple anyway) or you’ll need to make more adjustments to make it last.

I take it on the 3 weight days each week. Since 2 scoops/day comes out to 10 training days and we obviously have 12 training days I just do 3/4 sized scoops instead of full scoops for my serving sizes.

Aside from Plazma however the pack has 100%+ of everything you need. Why the +? Because you actually end up with extra Flameout.

BTW-here is a question for Biotest-ZMA and Superfood packaging are both basically perfect as they have 1-month of product. ZMA=30 days and Superfood=28 (close enough). How hard would it be to make Flameout, since it should be a staple in our diet regardless of how else we are training, a full 30 days?

I was thinking maybe it was due to the size of the container but it is already a different size than ZMA or HotRox so it would seem that its doable. Are the container companies that big a PIA to deal with?

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