Velocity Diet on Quarantine

Hey there! This is my first post. Based on my personal trailer’s suggestion, I started the V Diet last Monday (as did my boyfriend). On Jan 1, I was 5’8", 210.5 lbs. By the time I started the V Diet I was 202.5.
Days 1-2 I lost nothing. Day 3 I dropped 4 lbs. I’ve been sitting at 194.5/195 till today because last Wednesday (3 days into our diet), I fell ill. I’ve been confirmed positive of COVID-19. I’ve been on and off symptomatic but managing at home. Haven’t been able to exercise since last Tuesday. Looking forward to feeling better so I can get back at it.
Aside from COVID, my biggest challenge has been consuming all of the shakes. I had Gastric Bypass many years ago so the shakes really fill me up A LOT. The past few days I’ve only been managing 2 shakes and the HSM around 400 calories. I see SO many forums including flax and nut butter but I’m assuming that stuff is from the old diet? We have the Plazma, shakes, pills and Superfoods. I’m scared that cutting out the two shakes and Plazma while sick is being counterproductive but I’m not sure what else to do. Just thankful I dropped enough in the first week to at least feel successful thus far.

Any support/advice would be helpful as I am extremely upset I cannot exercise

Hey there, neighbor. I’m in Nassau county. Sincerely sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hope you’re at least headed towards an upswing and your family is well.

Really, if you’re fighting something like this, a calorie deficit and intense fat loss diet probably isn’t the best plan for the time being. I’d give my body plenty of nutrients until you’re back on your feet and then consider attacking the V-Diet full throttle. You need to do what you’re comfortable with though.

Yep, that’s part of the original plan from many years ago. The current plan has been fine-tuned and is more effective. Back in the day, there was only one HSM per week, so the flax and peanut butter were used for healthy fats, fiber, etc. The daily HSM solves that issue now.

Do whatever you can, even if it’s just the walking. The v-burn is just bodyweight, so that’s fine if you’re up for it. Do you have any equipment around the house, like just one dumbbell or anything?

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