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Hey all!
I just ordered my first round of Velocity diet. Now when I ordered it asked me my height, weight, age whatnot, then it gave me my daily plan and what I need to order. So I have 2 questions… When I get my package will this personalized plan be in there, or do I need to like pull it up and print it out, and question 2, are you allowed to take flax seed capsules instead of adding it to the shake? The flavor always makes me gag.

I am excited and so ready to start this process. I have been working out about a year now and lost about 60 pounds. Now I feel like I have this last stubborn fat to lose before I can truly reach my goal. My husband is an army sniper, he bought this for me because he uses it with his guys when they need fat loss, and has seen how well it can work. I am very motivated and wicked happy that there is forums and support on here! I can’t wait to get my V-Diet!


You need to print off the plan off the website. Try posting in the dedicated V-Diet thread at the top. Go to the V-Diet tab and then down to the diet logs threads.


Glad to have you on board, i suppose your in and around the Ft. Bragg area?

Post a log here, and we can check in and help you out or answer your questions. It looks like your post already got moved to the right spot.


Good luck!


yep I’m at bragg :slight_smile: My husband is stationed here. I did repost in the correct spot. I will def start a log as soon as I get my stuff which should be in the couple of days!


Welcome to V-Diet.
Wow, you already lost 60 lbs!? That’s awesome. Great job and I can’t wait to see the ‘after’ pic.

Good luck!


Hey, V-Diet friend
I know today is your 1st day. Rock on!


Thanks I am just heading to the gym here in a few! I had my first shake, it wasn’t bad but the flax def screws with the flavor :confused: Once I get home I will have time to post up my measurements. I took the photos lol but it think I will post them (WITH) my after photos! I know in the past year I’ve already come so far, but I am still NOT proud of my body in a bikini… posting it on the web feels insane lol!


I thought I submitted a reply apparently I didn’t hit send haha! Yes I am up and had my first shake… it was good just the flax makes it taste kinda funny! I am considering adding the flax and superfood to a small portion of my shake and downing it then enjoying the rest regular. I added ice to blend and the shake came out huge!! I can’t hardly drink it all!

I am on my way to meet my workout partner but I did do my measurements… I will post them as soon as I get home and have a spot of time this afternoon. I also took pics but I gotta admit even after losing 60lbs this past year I am not even close to bikini ready, I am debating putting up my pics with my afters when all this is done so everyone can see the transformation.

I am so proud of my weight loss but I am still 5’2" 158lbs and although I work out religiously I have a serious layer of fat to shed before ever seeing my muscle. I am so happy my husband introduced me to this diet I want to ROCK IT!!!


Now, I am not one make wild suggestions, but. I did think about the whole picture/net thing too. SO, Take your pic, edit out the face :wink: and post. Here is why. I was just going to do a final, because I too was a bit “Displeased” with how I let myself get. But a great man once said if something embarrasses you, display it for everyone to see. THAT is MOTIVATION to fix it.

By establishing where you are, and seeing it everyday, but then seeing your progress and how you feel. THAT makes a big difference. I now take pics once a week, and post eveything in 1 pic to see the improvements. I only have to look at week 1 to say “DANG!!”, but not now.

Tomorrow I’ll post Day 21 week 3 pics (I am certainly expect 25 lbs down & hopefully 25 more in the weeks to come).

What ever you decide, GOOD LUCK, and welcome to the V-Diet!


That’s great advice. Thanks I will post the pics. Just gotta upload them. I don’t think I’ll edit out my face though lol as I do like that hahahaha! ok as for my day 1 measurements here goes nothing…

Height: 5’2"
Weight: 158.4lbs
Neck: 13"
Shoulders: 41"
Chest Upper: 38"
Chest Lower: 33"
Waist at navel: 34.75"
Waist at largest: 36.75"
Hips at Largest: 38.5"
Upper arm L: 12.5"
Upper arm R: 12.5"
Upper leg L: 23.25"
Upper leg R: 23.5"
Lower leg L: 15.5"
Lower leg R: 15.25"
Ankle L: 8.5"
Ankle R: 8.5"

Ok so clearly even before pics you can see I am top heavy. I carry all my weight in my chest and stomach, which is annoying because I don’t mind my legs and hips and my butt is pretty small. I am really hoping to shed some of this excess fat with this. I know the loose skin won’t disappear and I can think my daughter for that lol but she was worth it. So I will post later the pics and my day 1 synopsis. I did go to the gym this morning. Mon wed and Fri are my weight days. But every day I break up my workouts. 1 in the morning 1 in the evening. Today being thursday it is a cardio day. So I did 35 min on the elliptical at incline 10, and level 7 resistance, and burned 350 calories. Tonight at 530 is ZUMBA my fave! So Until later guys…


cool, keep us updated, it sounds like ur guna last the full stretch!


ok so as promised ughhhhhhhhh my day 1 pics… it will only let me post 1 at a time so FRONT


day 1 BACK


the worst one… day 1 SIDE


You were right about your face, very nice and your body looks good to me as well.

You were also correct about ur legs and butt, if this diet works which it will you’ll have a very nice hourglass figure once ur waist tightens up. ]

Looking forward to watching ur progress!


Deadlifts, reverse lunges(from v-burn), and squats will help give you the booty, I too am top heavy and am only 5’3 so we are in the same boat sister and I can thank my kiddos as well bahahaha…you already have a great foundation and I promise if you stick to the V-Diet religously including all the weight training you will see major results…as much as you’re going to want to check the scale DON’T… only as directed…

I’m on week 5 and “only” lost 6lbs but 16 inches overall so I have learned that the scale really is quite evil and the tape measure is the way to go!! I also had a hard time with the flax in my shakes but after the 1st week you really cant taste it that much. I also tried blending my shakes and did’nt like it so what worked for me was making them 30min before I was suppose to have them and popping it in the freezer, makes it super cold but not thick…

Just some tips that helped me and still helps…you are doing great and can’t wait to see your progress…I will be posting after pics next week…I had to make up week 4 in the gym. Glad we have become friends! and welcome aboard the crazy train!


Thanks guys!! Popping them in a freezer is a great idea, I like them super cold but the thick is def a bit much for me. I dunno between the flax and Superfood it made my chocolate shake taste weirdly fruity… None of them taste bad though lol I am about to have shake 4 here at 5pm and I will have officially tried all 4 flavors. I am thinking meal 5 will be 1 scoop banana, 1 scoop choc and the natural nut butter mmm sounds yummy. I haven’t been hungry I think I just wanna chew so I bought some trident and have been mowing away all day lol!


you can always add more water to thin the shake out…

Everyone of my shakes is 24 oz water… Chris said there is no limit to water intake. Don’t fallinto a trap of thinking you want to keep water weight down… dehydration will slow down the fat-burning process.


my problem is i am getting so damn full that when my next shake comes I have to force myself to drink it!