Velocity Diet Log - 10/3 Start


I’ll keep this brief. I’m turning 30 on 10/29 and not happy with where I am physically. I’ve decided to make a run at the Velocity Diet, as best I’m able and will be posting daily updates here. Today’s a pure text day - photos to come tomorrow.

Ht. 5’10
Weight - Approx 170 - weigh in promised tomorrow.
Neck - 16
Shoulders 47
Chest Upper - 39
Chest Lower - 36
Navel 32.5
Waist - Largest 34
Hips - 33
Upper Arm L - 14
Upper Arm R - 14
Upper Leg L - 22
Upper Leg R - 22
Lower Leg L - 15
Lower Leg R - 15
Ankle L - 15
Ankle R - 15

Diet Update
I ordered my Velocity Diet materials over the weekend. They won’t arrive until Tuesday. In the interim, I’m making do with 5 pre-made Myoplex shakes for today. I’ll switch to the correct stuff tomorrow, but I didn’t want to wait another day to get started.

Workout Update
I decided to follow the beginner program instead of deluding myself into thinking that I’m more advanced than I really am.

Dumbell Press - 4 x 10 (20lbs)
Squats - 4x10 (Bodyweight)
Dumbell Row 4 x 10 (30lbs)
Planks - 4x - 30 Seconds

There are some things to fix here. The weights I picked seemed a little too light. My left knee has been a little shaky, so I started easy on the squats. The dumbell rows may not be the exact correct exercise, but I think they’ll do. It’s the best equipment that was available in the tiny poorly stocked gym in my apt. building.


Although photos and weight were promised, I have not succeeded at this modest task. My iPad is at home and my scale is at the gym. I crashed at a friend’s place after working till midnight and came directly back to the office. I’ll get the weight and photos tomorrow when hit the gym before work.

The supplies were delivered today. I can stop drinking the Myoplex substitutes and switch to the real stuff this afternoon. So far, today, I’ve had a Myoplex shake and a grande skim latte from Starbucks. Clearly, I’m following the protocol exactly.


The supplies arrived. I made my first shake moments ago. It tastes okay. Bone to pick though. I thought by ordering the package, I’d get all the Biotest Supplements. That wasn’t true. I didn’t get any L-Leucine. Do I reorder the L-Leucine through Biotest now or do I just go grab it at GNC? Strangely, when I download the chart, it says to include L-Leucine, but when I just look at it online, it doesn’t list it. What’s going on with this? Was the L-Leucine supposed to be include? I know it’s something I’m meant to take. A little confused here.


L-Leucine is out of stock, it wasn’t included in your bill as Chris said earlier (you can double check if you want)

It was just “insurance” and wasn’t included in the earlier versions so you don’t need it.


Excellent. I should have read it more closely.