Velocity Diet Log 10/17/16

I have successfully completed the V-Diet once and I had to stop once due to stomach issues. I am giving this another whirl because in 2013 when I completed the diet, I really had great results. So here we go.

Day 1:

Weight 219.2 lbs
took my measurements – and I can post them over the weekend when I have the opportunity

No problem with the shakes. I did have chicken breast for my hsm – no veggies and no carbs, except for the bbq sauce on the chicken. I will be better organized tomorrow.

NEPA – 45 minute walk

Day 2:

In the books. This is a lot easier with one HSM per day. I did the workout, not bad. Did it in my garage. I hadn’t lifted in the garage in my new house yet, so that is taking some getting used to. All else is good. Oh yeah, my weight was 215.8 lbs this morning. And I have been pissing like crazy.

Day 3:

No NEPA today. Major bummer on that front. Did the shakes plus a chicken salad. Also had a nut protein bar – about 210 kcal and 21 G protein instead of one of the shakes. Weighed in at 215.2 lbs this morning.

Day 4:

Got 45 minutes of NEPA with my dog. Also, worked out pretty hard at the gym. strained something in my neck somehow doing the pull-ups. Super lame. This has been way easier eating with this diet. I bought some protein wraps – 28 grams of protein in each one and put it a little bit of chicken breast and some mixed greens and olive oil in it. Weighed in at 215.2lbs.

Day 5:

214.0 lbs – that is 5.2 lbs so far. Not bad. As I remember, that is probably the last of the water weight and now things get a little bit tough. I got a 40 minute NEPA walk this evening. Also, I was moving a bunch of boxes of books out from our basement – so i go a little extra work in. This is the first evening where I have craved a drink. Didn’t have one, but its friday and I would love to have one. The weekends are tough because you have to stay busy but stay away from food.

Day 6:

214.6 lbs. Surprised me to go up, but oh well. Another day down. Nothing big to report. Tomorrow is Sunday – will be watching football at home alone. I will do some measurements tomorrow.

Day 7:

Another one down. Weighed in at 213.4lbs. I bought some fish oil today – in a bottle, so I can just drink it down instead of taking more pills. My stomach gets jacked enough from all of the vitamins I take. Also, got in a walk of 35 minutes this morning before breakfast. My neck still hurts, I really pulled something while I was doing my pull ups. Really strange. I haven’t been able to lift since.

Also, I forgot to take my measurements today. I will do it in the morning.

Good night!

Day 9:

I forgot to blog day 8 – my weight stayed the same at 213.4; pretty boring. No workout and did a short NEPA walk around lunch time.

Day 9 – 213.0 lbs, so another .4 lbs down. I spent twelve hours in the car today, so no NEPA and no weights. I actually haven’t been able to lift in almost a week because of a strained muscle in my neck. Getting old sucks. Basically 1/3 of the way done with this thing.

Day 10 and 11:

I worked out on Day 10, my neck was bugging me so I ended up warming up and just doing 5 x 5 @ 225 on back squat. Weight was 212.2lbs

Day 11 – No NEPA. It just rained the entire day and is supposed to continue raining for the next five days. Weight was stable at 212.2 lbs.

Day 12:

Forgot my gym clothes today, so when I showed up at the gym I had to work out in my khakis. Ended up doing a super set of pull ups and bench. 9 reps at 165 followed by 5 reps of chest to bar chin ups, 5 sets. Sort of a weird work out but it worked. Also, I weighed in at 211.4 lbs this morning which made me happy. No NEPA again. tomorrow I will.

Day 13:

Did about a 50 minute walk this morning. Great way to start the day. Went to a wedding where I was the best man. I had a glass of apple cider and fried chicken and salad. Not exactly my best day ever. Also, weighed in at 212.8lbs.

Day 14:

I forgot to post this yesterday. Did a 1 mile walk – so really nothing. I weighed in at 213.4 lbs, but then I went to the bathroom a lot all day long. Weird. Also, still no alcohol which is difficult for me during football season.

Morning of Day 15:

I weighed in at 211.6 lbs. I can’t work out today, but should get in a reasonable walk before work because I got up at 5 am. Today is Halloween – No candy!

Day 16:

Weighed in at 210.8 lbs. I ended up working out yesterday after work and before halloween. Happy about that. Had a lot of windshield time today, and no NEPA. Tomorrow should be a better day for the diet.

Day 17:

Weighed in at 210.0. Worked out at the gym – squats, KB swings, rowing. Made it through the workout – definitely not an easy day. I am quite happy with my new weight of 210.0…I am down 9.2 lbs and it is starting to show. I like it. I am actually considering extending this out…I will decide next week.

Day 18:

Weighed in at 210.0 again. Felt okay. Made it through the day fine.

Day 19:

Weighed in at 209.8 lbs this morning. Got in 40 minutes of NEPA and planned to go to the gym. Unfortunately work has been difficult the past few days – so I didn’t make it. Also, I had my first cheat today – two cookies. I have been pretty good until now…I guess the good news is that I still haven’t had any alcohol which I think is probably worse than two cookies.

Day 20:

Weighed 210.8 lbs in the morning. Went to the gym and had fun with a tough workout. I am not following the V-Diet workouts. This was about 45 minutes of step ups and burpee pull ups. It was brutal.

Day 21:

Weighed in at 209.0 lbs this morning. Down 10.2 lbs. Took my dog on a 3 mile walk this morning. No other NEPA. I did eat a biscuit today – which isn’t part of the V-Diet.

I am now actually at Day 24. I am in the groove at this stage. I fell worked out pretty good today. My weight has dropped to 208.4lbs.

I did have a bad day on day 23 – I ended up eating ice cream and having a couple Jack and Cokes. I will likely just extend this thing out beyond day 28.

Well I completed the diet on Sunday. Monday morning I woke up and weighed in at 206.2 lbs. Total weight loss was 13.0 lbs. I haven’t measured myself just yet. I will and I will get the final inches lost. I do have to say that doing the one meal a day routine makes this really easy. Today is officially day 29 and I did continue with the diet. I actually feel just fine with it. I thought about doing an extra week or two. Will definitely do another week and will report it on here. I also need to post some photos – maybe this weekend.

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