Velocity Diet Lite: Day to Day

Can someone guide me on how my day to day diet should be on the Diet Lite?

Age: 25
Height: 71.5"
Weight: 230

(10.2 x Body Weight +879) x .50(Lc) or .60(Hc)
Low calorie: 1613
High calorie: 1935

I saw the article but it mentioned nothing besides shake in the morning and one at night.
Would I benefit from the Flameout, HOT-ROX, ZMA, Surge, etc… like the original V-Diet?

What should my lunch be and how do I get enough calories with just a shake for breakfast and dinner? I am assuming I should have snacks to even out the 6-7meals daily. What should these snacks consist of?

I am doing the beginner phase I training from the original V-Diet.
Thank you,

I currently have Whey Isolate from GNC which is the only protein I have found that my stomach tolerates. I also am using ground flax seed and a multivitamin. I am willing to purchase the other items from this site if I need them to make the difference in losing or not.

Now one has any advice?


First off, remember that the V-Diet Lite is designed to be a simple diet plan that doesn’t require a food log, calorie counting etc. It simply takes care of the two “danger times” of the day for most overweight people: breakfast and the last meal of the day. It’s not the Velocity Diet really, so there’s no calorie guidelines etc.

For food choices, you simply eat foods you know to be healthy and supportive of fat loss: leans meats, veggies, etc. I’m betting that most people already know what NOT to eat for the solid meals in between V-Diet shakes. (Or do I really need to write “Don’t eat deep-fried flour dusted with sugar”?)

As for supplements, yes, adding a good fat burner like HOT-ROX and a foundational health supplement like Flameout would always be beneficial.

You do NOT want a plain whey protein powder though. See this sticky:

Thanks very much for the information.


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