Velocity Diet Journal

Day 1

Starting the V-Diet today. Will be taking measurements & pics later today. Really need this kickstart. Have about 25lbs to lose in addition to getting back to a regular exercise program. I am so grateful that this support forum is here. - Trice

Day 1 Measurements

Height - 5’9"
Weight - 178
Neck - 13"
Shoulders - 41"
Chest - Upper - 38"
Chest - Lower - 35"
Waist - at Navel - 37"
Waist - at largest - 41" (stomach, 2" below waist)
Hips - at largest - 42"
Upper Arm - L 12 & 3/4"
Upper Arm - R 12 & 1/2"
Upper Leg - L 24 & 1/2"
Upper Leg - R 25"
Lower Leg - L 15 & 1/2"
Lower Leg - R 15"
Ankle - L - 8 & 3/4"
Ankle - R 8 & 12"

Day 3 VDiet

Feeling GREAT !!! Love waking up without the sugar/carb hangover. So far not finding this liquid diet a problem as I use to juice all day and these shakes are a treat compared to green veggie juice.

The peanut butter shake at night… really takes any edge off.

Been doing the walking & the workouts… need to keep the momentum going.

In 2 days, lost 4.5 lbs. Keep it coming !!!

Day 4 - VDiet

Still going strong. Did a 30 minute walk and had my 2nd training session this morning. I’m doing the beginner training. It just doesn’t seem like enough and I get tempted to do more weight training but from what I’ve read on this site… just follow the program. I use to exercise every morning consistently but due to a new job position I took on last year, I found it very hard to find time for exercise since my days started early and ended late. I sit in front of a computer all day so between that and turning to comfort foods & TV at night, I gained 20lbs in the last year after being the same weight for years.

Drilling down one day on the Amazon site a few weeks ago… I came across Dan John’s book - Never Let Go. It was his book and his motivation that brought me here. So glad to be headed in the right direction and have that feeling of control back in my life. As Dan states about the Velocity Diet… “I like the discipline. I liked the jumpstart it would give me on my other goals”.

As far as finding time for exercise… still the same old job, just knew that I had to do something different. Dan writes in his book about whittling down your life to make things happen. He wrote - “Whittle that TV habit and the time will appear for training”. That hit home for me…I would finish work late… and then just want to chill in front of the TV and munch out. That led to me getting up later than planned since I went to bed late and waking up with a sugar/carb hangover. Now I’ve cut out most of the TV, no more munching out. I am getting up early leaving me time to walk and train before work. Great way to start the day !

Fat Loss is an all out war. - Dan John
It’s not a lifestyle choice; it’s a battle. - Dan John
Moderation is for sissies. - Dan John

Friday, Day 5 - Down 6lbs.

I have to say being female and older, I didn’t think I would be losing as fast as I am. I realize this will slow down but still quite impressed with the diet. Helps tremendously with the motivation.

So… I have to share this… Last night I went to a Fine Arts Film Theater. After the show they were having wine and food tastings in the Gallery. I hesitated to go up 3 floors to the Gallery as I might get caught up in the event and break down. I was hungry as I had not had my dinner shake. I had never been up in the Gallery before so wanted to check it out… as I assumed… there were banquet tables with all kinds of wine, gourmet cheeses and fruit, fine cookies and pastries. I took a quick walk around the room looking at the Art work and then decided to leave. Despite being hungry, I had no cravings for any of these type of foods but I did start to consider whether to have a small glass of wine. I then thought it out and knew that would destroy my willpower so left. I felt so good about leaving and taking control of my life. I stopped at the supermarket on the way home to buy some more extracts for my shakes. Got home and made a delicious and filling shake.

Woke up this morning feeing so good… Yes !

Great job and great willpower!. I think you have the right idea…don’t linger around tempting food and keep the shakes handy. Keep fighting. Are you doing pictures?

Hi, Trimtabber79… Yes… took a few pics… Was horrified when I saw them… that’s what really make this mission come to life for me.

Had a bit of a setback this weekend… bummer… Had no access to my shakes, exercise equipment, etc… I was not given notice, so was not able to plan for this. I ate the best I could with what was offered but gained 2 lbs. I didn’t even enjoy the food. Was so glad to have my shake this morning. I could not workout except for walking which I did manage to get in.

As far as I’m concerned… I am starting over… today is Day 1…

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