Velocity Diet for Women

Hello Chris,

I am considering using the Velocity Diet as a way to prep for an NPC bikini comp. coming up in August. I need to loose around 20-25-lbs. and 15% body fat. I really like the supplement factors and feel this would pair well with my schedule. What are your thoughts.


First, be sure you’ve downloaded the new ebook:

Many competitors do use the V-Diet for the first portion of their contest prep. It’s like a “kickstart,” it’s convenient, plus the craving/habit changes that occur during the 4 week V-Diet makes the last 4-8 weeks of contest prep much easier. Works very well.

My main recommendation is to use it at the beginning or near the beginning of contest prep.

Thanks for the quick response. I downloaded the e-book last night, and am so excited to get started.

Thanks Again!

As a woman who wants to try the Velocity diet, what are the recommendations for supplements? Is FlameOut appropriate for us, for example?

I’m not quite the Chris you were asking, :wink: , but the actual supplements are the same. The only real difference is in the dose of Plazma and the size of the HSM (healthy solid meal).

Flameout is totally fine for women. Tons of women have followed the V-Diet and many of them kept logs throughout the forum here. Wander around and check them out if you want to see what’s what.

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