Velocity Diet for the Fat Guy

So I’ve been on the Velocity Diet for 11 days so far. It’s easy to follow, but what a mind game. I’m doing real well, my workouts on week 2 feel much better. Here are my stats to date, with some Pics.Weight 204.5 to 196.5.Neck 15 1/2 to 15 3/8Waist 41 to 39 7/8Chest 43 to 41 1/2Shoulders 50 to 49 3/8Arm 13 to 13 1/8mid 38 to 36 7/8Thigh 22 1/4 to 21 1/2During the second week I recieved my BF% calipers. 19.5%

Now the week 2 pic.

With all this extra time on my hands, I’ve been wanting a good fitness book to read. I went to Charles Poliquins site and he suggests “Optimal Muscle Training”. Has anyone read this or can suggest another fitness book. Something other than “this is how you do the squat”. I would even like a how to build your own program book.

Well it’s time for another update. I’ve lost 4.5 more lbs. I found out that the first time I took my bf% I was measuring in the wrong place on my stomach. Most of the measurments are coming done, just not as fast as in week 01.

another pic

And just one more pic. Todays HSM, fish tacos.

great job! definately a difference everywhere! keep it up!

Thanks, this diet is deffinatly not for the faint of heart.

Yeah you can really see a difference, I can’t wait till I can say the same for my pics :). Keep on truckin’ bro.

Alright boys and girls, it’s time for the 22 day update. Well I’m here to tell you that the 3rd week has been the best. No real cravings (unlike last week), and energy is still up. I’m feeling strong in the workouts, most of them I’ve increased the weight.

Current Weight 190.5
Neck 15 1/8
Waist 38 9/16
Chest 40 1/2
Shoulders 48 1/2
Arm 13 1/4
Mid-section 36
Thigh 22 1/8
BF % 20.8%

Fat loss to date = 14lbs

I’ve gained size in my arm and my thigh. I’m still losing size everywhere else. The 2lbs reduction in weight had me worried, but after seeing the measurements I think I’ve gained muscle mass. I’m still new at the BF% measurement, according to last weeks reading I would have gained about 3lbs of muscle. I know something is going on!

Side view


Doing a great job. You look like you had the hard visceral type of fat, and in reality your progress is increasing your health amazingly. The side pic really showcases that.

For the sake or tracking progress, try and get the measurements all from the same place. It might be the wrong way, but if your consistent on yourself you track progress of how YOU are improving.

All in all great job, keep checking that side pic when wanting to know how things are going, it is what makes all of it seem fruitful.

Keep up the good work enjoy your HSM this weekend. I know I will.

Congrats, great job fella.


Dude what happened how was the final week.

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