Velocity Diet for Military Prep

hi all! my name is matt and I am preparing for BMT for the air force. I am using the V-Diet to cut some body fat and weight so I can sign up and get ready for military life. This is my 3rd day so far on the diet and doing great so far. Haven’t had really any cravings or hunger as of yet. I had to do the first 2 days without the supplements and a crappy tasting protein, but thankfully my order came in today with all of my supps and protein. Ordered it early monday morning and it got here early today, I was very happy.

I have to say WOW, do the supplements make a huge difference. That Surge Recovery tastes like cake batter. Very tasty. It was kind of a shock to my system, didn’t know something that tasty could be good for me. A little bit more about me; I started my weight loss journey almost 6 months ago. Good god was I fat. I’ll see if I can’t find some pics from them, and sunday when I can post my week 1 results you can see the huge difference.

My stats when I first started dieting/training was 5ft 9, 270 lbs, and I was at 28.6% body fat. Looking at those numbers makes me almost sick to my stomach now. I had really let my self go. I guess no exercise and eating pizza and junk all day kind of has that effect on a person.

I have dropped a lot of weight, but I didn’t do it right at all. I would eat very little, work out for an hour and do 2-3 hours of cardio a day. No thats not a typo 2-3 hours a day. I was just making my body eat my muscle to survive. No wonder I felt so exhausted and slept half the day. Then as time went on of course my weight loss just came to a screeching halt. I didnt know wtf was going on. I panicked and what did I do, ate even less and did more cardio.

I was to the point that I was so desperate I was eating just some chili or something small once a day. I was probably getting to borderline anorexia, and I was still looking like crap. So enough was enough and I started learning and reading and studying everything about nutrition/bodybuilding I could get my hands on or read online. However, there inlied another problem, information overload. Didn’t know what to believe, what training to do, what diet to follow. So I hopped from diet to diet, training routine to another, and still had marginal success.

But then it finally hit me, I’m smarter than this, so finally I decided on a plan of action. I would find 10-15 people at my gym that I aspired to be built like and asked them how they did it. Most everybody was glad to help, give me pointers, some even showed me how to do certain exercises and such the right way. Ok so I had the training down, now I started asking about diet, cause diet is 90% of the equation. One of the guys that I was asking, who honestly looks like a fitness model, said when he wanted to lean out after his mass phase, he went on the velocity diet. So I googled it and found this great website. Been reading all I could on the diet and the training and decided that it was the way to go for me.

I don’t have measurements at this time, except my starting waistline. Got my recruiters friend to do that for me, but I’ll have them on sunday with my week 1 results. so the stats that I have for my start is:
ht: 5ft 9
wt: 202
waist: 40 inches
bf: 15%

What other workouts are you doing? The military requires a lot of cardio, especially morning cardio on a fast. The Velocity Diet specifically wants its users to increase NEPA not increase cardio. I also believe cardio could hurt you while on this diet.

I am not bashing you so please don’t take it that way. I thought about doing this diet but I realized how much I am required to run. I ended up doing the Velocity Diet Lite with very very healthy meals I picked up from this website. I hope this helps and sheds some light on something you may or may not have overlooked. Good luck and drive on.


It’s just the Air Force. :slight_smile: They have the least stringent PT of the 4 branches, as I recall.

At least, we always made fun of them when the detachment was out doing PT. :slight_smile:

well as of 1 november of last year the air force has went to pretty much a copy of the army’s basic training. but i can already surpass the requirements for passing basic training. its not that tough requirements for the air force. as far as training i’m following the intermediate program outlined in Chris’s post.

also I am doing kettlebell workouts 4 times a week which has really increased my vo2max and cardio capabilities. not to mention it will be several months before I would ship out so I will be off the diet in plenty of time to make sure I’m ready. before starting this I was doing 8-10 miles a day and an hour of intervals on the cybex arc trainer, I know thats overkill and it was catabolizing my lbm, so as per the diet im just doing the power walking. looking good so far, i kind of cheated and weighed myself today, was down to 195.5 from 202 so its going good so far.

Oh, huh. Well, good!

Oh, and welcome. Was just having a bit of fun with you. :slight_smile:

oh ok, I was just checking. Good Luck with the diet and hopefully you see some great results. I have a buddy stationed in FL and his barracks are right next to the beach. Air Force is so lucky.

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