Velocity Diet for Large Guy


I’ve been looking at the velocity diet and the MAG-10 pulse feast. I looked into the Velocity diet before but I believe it did not recognize my weight range. I’m 6’4, 410 pounds and 36 years of age. I have a powerlifting background. I’ve always been heavy and I’m sick of it. I need to change my habits and reset this fat body on a course towards a more healthy life and better looking body.

I’m looking for big changes and realize that extreme measures need to be taken to start myself on the right path. If the velocity diet would meet this can you help me in setting it up. I realize that you have laid out the plan before, but I’m wondering if the amounts and such would need to change due to my weight and size. I currently train five days a week. I receive training programs from Josh Bryant. My training is going great, but I want to look like I lift. I appreciate the help. I just need to know what and how much I would need to get this plan started.

Also, how would anaconda and MAG-10 play into this. My wife has purchased a bottle of Indigo-3G for me, but I want to get things in line. Thank you for any help you can provide.


My suggestion is to let Indigo-3G do its thing. Use Anaconda for training and pulse with MAG-10 a couple of times per day between meals.

See our Indigo links at the top of the Live Coaching Lab page. Here’s today’s: Read the ones for new users and the ones about diet closely.

You don’t need the V-Diet or Pulse Fast when on Indigo. In fact, Indgo needs more carbs and nutrients than that to work optimally. So just follow the Indigo plan, then later, when you’re dropped 100 pounds (and several Indigo users in your situation have), then consider the V-Diet, if it’s even needed.


Chris thank you for your quick response. In looking through the stuff on the site it seems that I would want to focus most of my carb intake around my peri workout nutrition. So, would I want to follow a traditional type diet of 5-6 small meals with a majority of my carbs coming during the times after I take the Indigo 3G? Or would it be smarter to get most of my carbs from sources like Surge Workout Fuel and Finibars? I understand that if it repartitions nutrients I’m going to have to take in nutrients to make it work, but I’m unsure of how to structure the carbs.


Most Indigo users have some carbs every meal, but focus most of them around the peri-workout time period. You may want to start around 300 grams of carbs per day, but roughly 100 or so coming around workout time. Anaconda is a good choice, and I personally like a FINiBAR an hour before lifting, but there are a few ways to skin that cat.

I think we can get 100 pounds off you in short period of time. If you haven’t started an Indigo log yet, please do so, list food choices etc. and I’d be glad to guide you through this.


Hey Arch,
Check out BobFather’s and HawaiiTunya’s logs in the Indigo Log section - I think those two are the fat loss superstars around here!

Depending on your budget, you should probably start with Indigo, Anaconda and MAG-10, and possibly a FINiBAR pre-training as well. 3-4 MAG-10 pulses would accelerate your fat loss and ensure great recovery from your workouts - something like 2 pulses post workout (an hour apart), 1 pulse first thing in the morning and another just before bed.

As for the diet - I’m not sure how the fat-loss oriented people have structured theirs, but you could start with 3 main meals, one of those being the post-workout meal, with Indigo before 2 of those (third dose pre-workout). That, plus Anaconda and the MAG-10 pulses will give you A LOT of nutrition. Then if necessary you can add some snacks, either solid food or more MAG-10 pulses. This will obviously have to be tweaked according to your training.

Good luck with your progress!



Arch - At this point I would focus on getting a diet together that you can and will stick with for a LONG time. If you are a “3 square meals” kind of guy, lets focus on that. If you are a “grazing” kind of guy, spread it out into 6 meals. We certainly do not need to get body builder contest prep detailed at this point.

Let get some honest information from you:

-How frequently are you eating poorly? Meaning, how many meals a day/week are “bad”?

-How MUCH are you eating? Often times losing weight at your size is as simple as just not eating quite as much as you did before. I had a buddy that was over 300 pounds and it was quite obvious why… Whole pizza’s for dinner with the dessert special, when he went to fast food places he would get a #13 AND an extra burrito. Those kinds of choices all the time. If you are eating waaay to much (and you should know what that is) just scale back initially.

  • Do you drink full sugar drinks? Juices, soda, etc… (JUST eliminating these goes a LONG way for some people)

Thats a good place to start I think. We are all here to help you out man, but this is going to take a large amount of effort on your part as well. Welcome aboard, lets get this done!



Welcome to the Indigo ‘ohana’.

Just wanted to stop in and let you know briefly about my Indigo journey. Don’t try to read my log unless you have many hours of free time, it’s kind of a novel at this point. So a quick recap since starting on Indigo a year ago, I am down 100+ pounds…oh yeah…you read correctly. So, listen to the coaches regarding your nutrition both surrounding your training sessions and just in general.

Mahalo BiP for referring to Bob and I as Weight loss Superstar’s. :slight_smile:

So Arch, bring it…let’s see what you can do.


Chris thanks for the quick response once again. I will start up a log so I can get your help with this throughout. Would a carb cycling type plan work well with this or do you recommend more of a straight diet throughout the day?

BIP-Thanks for the recommendations. I will definetly check these logs out. Also, I’m a bit unsure of the whole MAG-10 pulses that are being mentioned. What exactly are we talking about and how many scoops and such are we talking?

Lonnie123-Thank you for the feedback. In evaluating myself I would definetly say I’m much more of a grazer. I really don’t have specified meal times. I really don’t eat a bunch, but when I do they aren’t the best choices. It may be some snacks during the day and then one big meal. I travel a lot for my job. I can go the day without eating, but then all of a sudden I realize I’m really hungry and then I go for the quick fix and eat too much. Like you said, instead of one burrito and see how full I feel I’ll order two or three and suck them down.

I do drink sugary drinks. I must admit that I love soda pop. I like diet soda too. It really doesn’t matter to me, but I just like soda. I realize that this is going to be some work and I’m going to have to get uncomfortable to achieve the level of success that I want. My goal ultimately is to achieve a level of where I’m looking more like the old school Kaz or Doug Young. I would like for once in my life to see how low a bodyfat I can achieve, but that is for the future. Right now I need to take the steps to start this process and make it life long, not just “how good can I look before Christmas” type of deal.

HawaiiTunya-Man that is excellent! That is truly inspirational! I definetly want to start reading through your stuff. I appreciate the support.


Honestly, switching to ONLY diet soda and not going so crazy at your one big meal are 2 steps in the right direction at this point. Combine that with a tad bit of “do I really need to eat this?” during the rest of the day and this is a large piece of the puzzle.

You didnt give me specifics, but lets say you are drinking 1 Large soda at a fast food place, and you refill it 2 or 3 times, thats over 1,000 calories easily. Drop 3 burritos or hamburgers down to 2 and you save another 500-700

Those little differences add up HUGE over time (10’s of thousands of calories over a month). Start there.

Take it one step at a time, and pretty soon you will be 10 steps in.


hey ARCH…looking forward to you participating in the live spill…dont make the mistake i did in the beginning…START PARTICIPATING as you keep up with it DAILY…you will be blown away by what you learn…AND you can be a source of help to others in many ways!!! WELCOME :slight_smile:


[quote]Arch64 wrote:

HawaiiTunya-Man that is excellent! That is truly inspirational! I definetly want to start reading through your stuff. I appreciate the support.[/quote]

Aloha Arch,

You’ll figure it out once you start reading my log… in case in wasn’t just a phrase “Man that is excellent”… all female on this side. LOL

My Indigo Log is over 86+ pages, so just be prepared, however I’m sure you and wife will enjoy reading it. Here is a link to the beginning:

Look forward to following your progress and it’s just awesome that your wife is being so supportive. I like her all ready…great woman you have there.

A hui ho.


Arch…how are you training?
I come from a powerlifting back ground and thus understand the “mind set”!
The pulse for me has replaced a meal 3x a day and allows me more freedom to do
"other "stuff…and I don’t miss not having to eeat.
Read the spills they are a great tool to learn.
PM me if you have questions!


Lonnie123-I understand what you are saying. It is all stuff I know, but I’m just not putting it to use. I look at the overall big picture instead of focusing on some small steps that will make a world of difference. I need to focus on the steps and not the finish line.

HawaiiTunya-I realized you were a woman! It was just a phrase. I apologize if I offended you in any way.

Chad-Right now I have begun to switch my training up to more of a powerbuilding rather than a straight powerlifting mindset. I have been working with Josh Bryant on programming my workouts. If you would like more in depth into what i’m doing I will pm you and let you know. I still want to be strong as hell, but I want to dump alot of this fat. I want to be strong and in much better shape. I want to finally have some “show” with the “go.”


No offense taken… LOL…just making sure. :slight_smile: No apology necessary.


@Arch64: Great responses here. Chad Coy is the man to listen to when it comes to be ridiculously strong and highly athletic and functional. Check out his articles in our archives.


A MAG-10 pulse is a 2 scoop serving of MAG-10, usually taken post-workout, between meals, before bed or first thing in the morning.


Arch – I echo what the others are saying here: kick regular soda, use the “do I really need to eat this?” mindset. I’m not a fan of diet soda, but if you can’t go cold turkey successfully, then use it to bridge the gap!

One thing you need to realize is that you don’t need carb cycling, or any “periodized nutrition” plan at this point. You need basics. You teach the newb to squat the same way no matter how fast they want to progress. Same here. Simple, straightforward. Small things here will make a big difference down the road if done consistently, just like fundamental coaching work in the Big Three. You ever know an elite powerlifter who didn’t have his coaches shout the same coaching cues every newb hears ad nauseaum? Nope, because everybody at the top of the game knows you still need that shit pounded into your head, no matter if you’re struggling with 200 lbs or 1000.

Same goes for nutrition and supplements. Keep it SIMPLE, for a long time. Traditional progressive overload works great for lifters all the way from beginner to intermediate…Then they can get the most out of more complex approaches later. You are a beginner in nutrition, even if you know the info: you’re not using it, so you’re still new to it. Same thing you’d tell “fitness trainers” applies to you: if you haven’t practiced it, you don’t know how to use it… “If you haven’t ever gotten any clients really strong, you don’t know how to do it most effectively do you?” Worry about new approaches when you have the basics under your belt for 6 months or a year. No need for low carb, no need for V-Diet, just fundamental work (think progressive overload :slight_smile: )

I think you will be surprised at how much good workout nutrition can keep you recovered without the need for hundreds of carbs at all other times of the day. One thing to note is that I feel like you will need to keep an eye on your strength levels due to “bloat” – Having spent years getting your bloat on, you may end up feeling weaker just as a result of not having so much water weight while you diet down, but just keep in mind that it is not true strength loss…just loss of fat leverage :). It’s not as hard to keep strength up as people think on a diet.

Last bit is this: find a couple pictures of what you think represents a good intermediate term goal, and one that represents your “end goal”. Then post them on your fridge door by the handle.


Aragorn-Thanks for putting it like that! I guess I’ve really never thought about it from that perspective before. It definetly made me think and cleared up some stuff in my head. Thank you.

How do I go about starting an Indigo-3G Log? What information and such do I need to provide to make it successful?


Arch64: An email was sent with logging info. Your wife may have gotten it.

Here’s the log section but you’ll need to get that email:


Chris-I have not received an e-mail yet. I believe the address listed in my profile is the correct address. Also, is there a specific set of questions that need to be answered when posting the profile?