Velocity Diet for Hardgainer

What are the things to keep in mind for a “hardgainer” doing the velocity diet? I am using it to break some bad eating habits, but want to avoid losing muscle mass.

The V-Diet may not be the best choice for a true hardgainer. It’s primary focus is fat loss. You can often get rid of bad eating habits by doing what the V-Diet incidentally does - removes craving-causing foods, kills bad gut bacteria by starving it of junk foods, etc. For example, remove all wheat and milk from your diet (diary is fine, but no liquid milk) and never eat the obvious junk foods, fast foods, sweets, cheat meals etc.

What I’d suggest is to use parts of the V-Diet and add them to the above tips. For example, have 2-3 Metabolic Drive shakes per day to replace some meals, but also have a few clean meals/snacks per day. Use Plazma for workout nutrition.

Now, if you’re dead-set on the V-Diet, which is understandable because it keeps things simple and convenient, do it as outlined, but for the daily solid meal have all you want, as long as it’s clean and wheat-free, milk-free etc. So basically you’re doing a moderate calorie V-Diet and not a low-carlorie V-Diet.

Yes. The main reason I wanted to use it was for simplicity. I travel frequently for my job and the meal options I am usually left with aren’t the best. So to follow you clearly I am guessing a few rules to live by if I am planning to do a variation of the V-Diet would be:

  1. No Wheat

  2. No Liquid Milk

  3. No cheat meals (junk food, fast food, sweets etc.)

  4. Plazma for workout nutrition

  5. 2-3 Metabolic Drive shakes per day

So for number 5 could I say to allow myself 2 HSM per day? Still totaling the 5 meals listed in the plan, but 2 are HSM?

Any help would be awesome. Want a plan of attack for this so I can get started.

Thanks Chris!

That looks good. Two HSMs would be fine for your situation. And if some days are 1 and other are 2, no big deal. Keep us posted.

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