Velocity Diet for a Powerlifter

Chris I’m considering on taking a shot at the V-diet in my off-season, however being a Powerlifter I’m not really thrilled with what it can possibly do to my strength levels…

My weight is 203 lbs with about 9% body fat, I’m kind of fit for a Powerlifter, however I want to go down a weight class and I am looking for a diet with a shotgun approach, that said can you tell me if the V-diet would work for me without taking too much weight out of the Barbell or if you recommend something else or a variation.


  1. If you’re truly 9% body fat, then you probably don’t need the V-Diet. And I never advise non-fat athletes to drop a weight class. Better to add muscle and top out your weight class. I’d suggest good peri-workout nutrition like Anaconda or Plazma for that.

  2. That said, any diet can cause a temporary drop in perceived strength on some lifts. Just losing fat in the chest and back area can increase the range of motion on the bench press for example. You’re not weaker really, you just have more distance to travel with the bar. But I certainly don’t advise keeping excess body fat just to make the bench easier. Glycogen levels can be temporarily lower too on any reduced carb diet.

Once clean eating at maintenance level calories is resumed, strength levels return. And many on the V-Diet report strength gains, though these may be people who were eating a too-low in protein diet previously, or they could be judging strength by pull-ups, dips, and push-ups, which increase when you lose body fat.

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