Velocity Diet for a Busy Guy


Hey everyone so im a pretty busy guy as im sure everyone on this is! im at 15% bodyfat. 4 strength sessions a week. 2 metabolic workouts. and my mma training. i supervise a call center and do sales. im busy all day and am now going to work 8+ hours daily. during these 8+ hours i have breaks and a lunch which arent on time with when i need to eat. eating every 2-3 hours usually about every 2-2 1/2. for my protein needs im thinking of just doing 5 shakes a day and 1 solid meal.

BUT with each shake i will have Real food such as frutis, veggies, good fats (mainly mixed nuts) i eat about 30-40 gram carbs before my training. and 50-60 post workout carbs. what do you think? is this unhealthy to follow for about 2 months? even though im taking in real food with the shakes? i hate to sound like a bitch but i really dont have time to cook and plain chicken breasts, tuna, salmon is getting hard to put down man. its a mind fuck to eat it and with my budget cant really do much except black pepper mustard and such. which i know thats what it takes to get the fat off. but just wondering abou the 5-6 shakes a day.

my usual pre workout meal is a shake blended with strawberries, whey, and oatmeal. i hear its bad to eat uncooked oatmeal? but then i hear its even better? for fatloss?? thanks


That’s not a V-Diet, but it’s a decent plan. In fact, just about every busy gym rat and strength coach I know does something similar: several shakes a day along with some solid food. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve only had one and sometimes two solid meals per day. The rest are shakes and peri-workout supplements. It’s just convenient and makes it easy to meet my protein/carb goals.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need a quality product. Do that plan with crap supplements (Walmart whey) and you’ll get crappy results. A quality blend of proteins is best for that kind of plan, so Metabolic Drive Low-Carb or the new Muscle Growth formula depending on your macronutrient needs.


thanks for the reply! and yes im already taking Biotest supps they are amazing! started taking the Superfood and Power Drive which are great!