Velocity Diet for 8 Weeks?

Hi Chris,

I found the Velocity Diet to be really, really manageable and easy. (Am I the only person who you’ve ever heard this from?)

Would it be ill-advised to extend the duration of the diet to 8 weeks?

I have been doing it for 2 weeks so far, dropping from 11.8 kilos of body fat mass (by electrical impedance tests at my gym) (16.8% body fat) to 9.4 kilos of bad fat (13.8%). Fantastic results so far that far exceeded my expectations!

What are the downsides and health risks to keeping this diet in the long-term? I would love to drop down to 8% body fat. Is this an effective diet for getting there? Is there anything else I need to do to get to 8% body fat?

Super Grateful

PS: I am eating 200 calories of nuts instead of 200 calories of nut butter. I figure it’s the same thing and it is much easier to eat nuts than to find, store and eat nut butter. Also, I appreciate being able to choose what kind of nuts I eat each day. I am, of course, careful not to pick nuts with any honey or sugar. Sometimes, they will have salt or pepper, though.

I usually suggest that people stop the full phase of the V-Diet at 4 weeks, then if they want to do the Transition phase for longer than 2 weeks after that (one HSM per day) then that’s fine. Maybe push the strict phase (all shakes) to 6 weeks. You’re really covered nutritionally with the V-Diet if you’re using Flameout and Superfood, so it should be fine. You can decide at the 4 week point. Sometimes it’s better to raise calories a little after 4 weeks and cycle them back down later. Lose the fat, then build lean muscle to raise the metabolism so you don’t have to live on lower calories.

I do prefer nut butters as not chewing tends to better “re-set” food related bad habits, but if it’s working for you, that’s fine.

Many people love the convenience, simplicity, and ease of the V-Diet and do it a couple of times per year. Great diet for a busy person.

And don’t pay too much attention to percentages, especially from a scale like that. They can be pretty off, one way or another, usually giving you a higher reading the calipers. Go by the mirror, pics, and tape measurements mainly. Remember, it’s not about a number, but a look.

Thanks for the response, dude. What do you have to do to get to 8% on the Velocity Diet? Do you have to use another method?

[quote]Jantzus wrote:
Thanks for the response, dude. What do you have to do to get to 8% on the Velocity Diet? Do you have to use another method?[/quote]

No, not really. But much depends of course on where one starts in terms of body fat. Regardless, the V-Diet is a good jump-start on the process if someone has a lot to lose.

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