Velocity Diet & Breaks In Between Round 1 & 2

Hi all. So, I am completing my first round of 28 days on the velocity diet. I have lost 15 pounds and many inches within the last 26 days. I am going to take maybe 3 days off and start a 2nd round of the V-Diet. HAve any of you done multiple rounds, and if so is it mandatory to take a longer break between rounds? I am totally motivated to continue and make more progress… Let me know! Thanks!

Hey, sorry for the delay. Not sure what you ended up going with, but I’m pretty sure a few people have just kept right on with the plan for as long as needed. With the daily HSMs, it’s not like you need to take a break to “re-feed” or carb-up, so just stick to it consecutively if necessary.

Also, the book does specifically tackle that question in the “Answering Your Questions” section… “Can I do the V-Diet for more than four weeks?”

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