Velocity Diet Book?

So where’s the book at? I saw the article and the blog on it and read there was a book. It isn’t in the store, so is it on the site? This seems to be similar to the recomp diet I was trying out last year, so this peaked my interest.

The book is currently in re-write. No idea on when we’ll see it.

Until then, the most current version of the diet can be found outlined in Gustavopacho’s Physique Clinic thread:

It’s a little spread out, but the whole basic plan is there.

Thanks Chris, I definitely want to get my hands on it when it comes out.

6 Months later… bump…

I think the book’s been binned.

[quote]WelshBoy wrote:
I think the book’s been binned.[/quote]


Shugs could have been living in San Tropez soley from the amount of blue whales who read "lose 22 pounds in 28 days!"
and buy the book, then never do it.

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