Velocity Diet - Bodyweight Exercises Only?

I am thinking of starting the Velocity Diet from Monday. However a small challenge is I am traveling for next 20 odd days. So will be able to just do hotel room type body weight exercises.

Will that be ok?

I can get a walk under my belt. That’s easy.

Sticking as close to the original plan as possible is always the best choice. Some people do swap in their own workout instead of what’s included with the Velocity Diet, but when you do that, you really have to monitor recovery to make sure the training isn’t counterproductive.

If you can get to the hotel gym, most of the Velocity Diet workouts can be done with basic dumbbells and a cable/pulldown station. So I’d aim for that whenever possible.

If it’s not an option, try to keep the “spirit” of the original program intact - 3 full-body workouts per week with varying intensities (light day, medium day, etc.) and stick to the V-burn workout once a week.

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Thanks. This is is helpful.

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