Velocity Diet Begins Today

for the last two+ years I have been getting progressively fatter, I have been caring less and less about myself, my body, in fact anything at all…My life has been lather, rinse, repeat…

A few weeks ago however, I got news…I found out that I am going to be a father!!!

After a little reflection time I decided that first and foremost, I want to be the best role model that I can be (obviously)…and to do that I have to be healthy and happy in my own life…

I have not worked out since 2011…I have let myself grow to a “robust” 232 pounds…I will publicly state that this is an exercise in discipline, this is about being a father…and if that doesn’t set the bar for success…Im not sure that anything ever will.

If someone told me that at the end of march I could weigh 15% less than I do now I would pay them good money…why not practice a little discipline and do it for free!!!

My promise to myself and this forum…I will post pictures both now/at the end of this month and of myself holding my baby…and when I do I will be the leaner, fitter and happier than I am right now…

I have done this 3X before…once to completion (lost 28 pounds) and twice I started when my heart wasn’t in it and quit.

My heart is in it and I will get the results I deserve…I will update my progress as often as possible!

Day 1 over…still hate the flax!!! But overall an easy day to get through…

First workout today as I was at work from 8am to 10pm last night…will throw in a NEPA walk if the weather isn’t -25 this afternoon!!! Otherwise I might do a short circuit of exercises to simulate prowler work.

Day 2

First workout in years today…took it slow (and it still hurt)…no denying that I am in gross shape right now, but that will change over the next several months.

Workout 1

Front Squat (knees have been bothering me over the past bit so I took it REALLY easy)

Dumbbell Bench
60’s X8

Barbell Bent over rows


Reverse Crunch

Still have 1/2 my surge and one meal to go…I am going to truly enjoy that peanut butter every day!


Congratulations on impending fatherhood and kudos to you for taking good, healthy steps for yourself…you’re going to need all the strength you can muster…stock up on sleep now!! :slight_smile:

I’m in my fourth week now, and have found this forum to be a great support group for when the going gets tough. You’ll do fine…and you may want to think about almond butter for when you can’t take another bite of peanut butter!

Thanks for the almond butter tip veejer…I will have to pick some up!

Wow…my body is in full revolt this morning…I have been puking up my first shake in my mouth for a half hour now…my stomach is turning over HARD!

But, life goes on and I will power through…I actually dont feel too bad other than that!

Get to hear my baby’s heartbeat for the first time today…I am pumped…and of course that will keep me going for a while!

Only day 3, but I am already planning my HSM on Sunday…


Hopefully the shake rejection will only be temporary. Otherwise, looks like you are off to a solid start.

Things turned around this afternoon, no problem with the shakes (except that they are not cheeseburgers!)…day three will turn out to be a breeze as I still have peanut butter to get me through with my last shake…really just planning on killing it one day at a time and keeping track of the milestones (1st HSM, Getting out of the 20’s and on to day 19, halfway, single digits, one week to go)

I know some rough patches are coming, but my goal was to show discipline and I have no intention of quitting. I will likely just do before and after pics as I want the change to be dramatic and also so that I cant give myself any “oh, that’s good enough” outs.

Headache, nausea, insomnia, low energy, grumpy, hating life this morning…not quitting!

the first week sucks hard. i had trouble sleeping, got night sweats, funky BO, and was hangry all the time. keep trucking!

One shake left…and a workout…I hate to admit it, but I hadn’t worked out in a few years despite the fact that I have an Olympic platform, rack, bench, dumbbells and stationary bike less than 20 feet from where I put my lazy ass on a nightly basis!

Day 4 survival leads me one day closer to HSM day…cant wait…


Fell asleep watching hockey last night and didn’t get my workout done, oh well I will knock it down today…shake 1 down…I am finding that one and the 4th the hardest (flax makes me want to vomit)…really just feel like a cougar waiting to pounce on my HSM at this point…When I did this diet previously I used beef jerky as a protein substitute a couple of times instead of a shake and it really helped me to get through…may have to employ that strategy again at some point in time…but not today!

Still in it, busy weekend of work…will post weigh in and brag about my delicious hsm tomorrow!

Day 7 weigh in…holy smokes…232.1 to start 220.1 today…12 freaking pound!!! I know a lot of that is likely water weight, but wow…clearly things are headed in the right direction…got a shake down and headed off to HSM in a bit (also known as heaven). I think this 12 pounds is a reflection of how truly full of salt and calories my diet was…lets see what week 2 brings…workout today at some point in time and then back on the horse!!!

Still doing it…on day 9 here so out of the twenties is nice…next checkpoint is halfway (Sunday) feeling pretty in the dumps this morning, Gonna keep my head strong and stick with it…keeping the results in mind and trying to block out the process!!! Workout tonight, hopefully straight to bed after that!

How’s your progress?

Congrats on being a father and striving to be a better father.

I brought my first home 19 mo ago (daughter) and my second, third and fourth hom in October (GGB tiplets).

I’m in the same boat, I want to be a better example. My wife and I will do yoga moves with our daughter, as she get older we’re trying to set some standards for what’s a familiar habit so we don’t have to try and get her to do it later. You should see her downward dog.

down 15 pounds, 10 days to go…haven’t been 100% faithful to the V-Diet…but I am looking to round this out down 20 pounds…10 days to go as of today…shooting for a strong finish and to keep it up AFTER the diet…trying to form solid habits…looking at the positives and not dwelling on my mistakes…have I been perfect? No. Have I made progress? Hell yes!

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