Velocity Diet and Xanax?

Weird question here, but I take Xanax pretty much on a consistent basis. Will this have an effect on my Velocity Diet?

I’ve just googled the stuff on Wikipedia. Damn, that sounds like some seriously fucked up stuff!

Honestly, you’re better off asking your doctor, mate. Simply tell him you want to do a high-protein, low-fat, low-carb diet for 6 weeks and don’t give him all the details as he’ll probably have the same knee-jerk reaction as 99% of the people I’ve spoken to! With that info, he should be able to let you know.

Good answer above.

In addition, read the warning labels of each supplement. Those can be viewed at the Testosterone store by clicking “Recommended Use”:

looks like HOT-ROX is gonna be a problem. I guess I’ll just have to avoid taking Xanax all together. That sucks.

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