Velocity Diet and Women

Hey Chris,
I’m a 36 yr old mom of 4 and was a D1 athlete in college and now coach the sport. I was not getting any enjoyment from food recently and had body fat I needed to shed (had 4th baby 10 months ago), so I decided to try Velocity Diet. I have had awesome results with Velocity Diet and want to know why there isn’t more talk of women doing this.

I’m on day 11 and have lost 10lbs and 2 inches from my waist. I have been amazed at how much I am now craving good food and that it’s like a reset button has been pushed. I am keeping a blog about my journey, and have been really curious to read about other women and especially mothers doing this. Do you know where to find them or if there are any?

I am so excited about this and haven’t felt this good and this strong since college, and the positive impact from this is flitering down through every facet of my life and family!

As a coach, I know how nice it can be to hear that someone’s life has been changed through my hardwork…so I want to make sure you know that your hardwork has changed the way my life and eating habits were headed.

First, congrats on your V-Diet success! I love that term: “…it’s like a reset button has been pushed.” Exactly! That’s a big part of what the V-Diet does: makes you learn to re-love healthy foods and crave them instead of addictive junk foods.

The V-Diet has been around for over 3 years (even longer if you count the previous versions, since 2005 or so) so sure, lots of women have done it with success. I guess because T-Nation has an audience of over 90% males, you just don’t hear from them as much. It can be an intimidating environment for some. But our Velocity Diet log area has a lot of women in it. Of course, not all V-Dieters choose to start online logs here.

Here’s are the logs:

Although I envisioned this plan as something only half-crazy, hardcore bodybuilder types would adopt, I’ve been surprised at how many “regular” people have done it with success. And it’s perfect for busy moms.

Thanks very much for your post. Means a lot!

Hey, thanks for the response! I will check out the other forums and look for other women doing this. I remember reading how much more successful people were when they wrote about it and had accountability, and I am curious to read the experiences of other moms, be encouraged, and maybe encourage a few along the way.

Have you ever thought about making an app for this training, or is there perhaps one in the works? Speaking as a mom who is carrying the world around in a diaper bag, it would be so awesome to have it all on my phone wherever I go instead of a binder.

Another tidbit: My husband said he was afraid to tell me how much happier I have been the past 2 weeks (which is true), and which also proves this is not a diet…no woman on a diet has ever been accused as being happier!!!

Thanks again!!

Not a bad idea on the app.


Hello VolleyRoss, Another woman and I are starting our V-Diets in December. We are starting a mini accountability group if you or someone else is interested. I am starting Dec 1 and she is starting Dec 9. Congrats on your awesome results. Best of luck!

I’d love to hear more about this as well. I’m purchasing my package today and starting asa soon as I reciev the supllements with my husband. I’ve got about 15-20 lbs that I’d like to shed ASAP. I’m traing for my first triathalon so this should help jump start and get me on the right path. Did you ever find other information from a womans stand point? I’d love to hear more.

Big thanks and congrats!

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