Velocity Diet and Travel

I stumbled across the V-Diet after surfing the web late at night. I have a question in regards to the V-Diet and those who travel for their occupation. I am on an airplane at 3 days a week and on the road in the SF Bay area 2 days a week. Any hints on how to keep on the diet while travelling?

The plan looks to be a great kick off program to higher levels of accomplishments. I recently started training 90 days ago at 243 lbs. and am now down to 217. I’m not moving from 217, due to poor diet I’m sure, and my goal is to reach 200 lbs. by the end of July. A 28 day start up program seems ideal. Does anyone have the same issues with travel? I’m sometimes subjected to whats available at the airports.
Thanks for any tips. I just might start this program…

The quick answer is that if you want to do it badly enough you will find a way.

And yes, it is possible. Just pick up a travel blender and some smaller (20-30 oz) thermos’ and you’ll be fine. The last time I did it if I was going to be gone for less than a day I would mix my shakes and put them in a thermos to keep them cold. If it was an overnight trip I’d just take a tub of Metabolic Drive and a travel blender. And as always, just put your pill supplements in plastic baggies so you don’t have to think about it and know when to take them (I used to have mine labeled Mon AM, Mon PM, Tues AM, etc…)

If you’re going in and out of airports, be sure you’re planning well and research what’s allowed. I can’t imagine it looks good to be walking around with baggies of pills and powder. You maybe(?) have to keep everything in original bottles just to be safe? I really have no idea. But I can definitely foresee security issues.

But other than that, as long as you can devote the time to it, I think you would be fine. All you really need is a good shaker and water.

i would think that the V-Diet would be the easiest diet to be on and travel all the time.

I would take the amount of shake powder required for the time you are on the plane then ask for water when on the plane to make your shakes. The rest you just stash in your luggage.

Great tips. Thanks. I guess I should order all the supplements and powders first before setting a start date. I will obviously need to plan evertything out based on my travel schedule.
About how long does everything take to arrive?

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