Velocity Diet and Supplements?

Looking to give the diet a shot as it seems amazing. I also understand the supps. are a key component in success with it. However, 2 issues for me:

-I am not in the financial position to spend alot. How much would the supplements run me? Any supplements one could use to replace the Biotest ones?

-I am in Canada and I do not think Biotest is readily available here (although honestly I have really looked into it yet, but I will). Are there any Canadian distributors as to lower the cost of shipping?

Thanks so very much.

I have done the diet 3 times, twice in Canada and once in Scotland. There is about $100 in duty on the VDiet order to get here to Toronto. Check out the VDiet calculator, input the amounts and you’ll get the total. Think it was around $700 Canadian. Consider how much you would spend on food for around 6 weeks plus the training supplements, then consider how much you could change your body and mind. Rest is up to you.

No, do not attempt the V-Diet without the supplements made for the V-Diet. Your results will suck, you won’t likely even finish (your stomach won’t tolerate multiple shakes per day using a discount protein made with fillers), and the “diet” will fail. I’ve seen it happen over and over in the last few years. The V-Diet just may not be for you right now. Better to adopt another plan than to do the V-Diet incorrectly and not get great results.

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