Velocity Diet and Crossfit

I am looking to start the Velocity Diet January 5th. I am committed to a current crossfit program 5 days a week at 5:30am. We do all of the power lifts and metcon WODs that are a combination of lifts/cardio(burpees,running,rowing, etc). Any recommendations on scheduling the shakes before or after the workout? Any other supplement you would add given the the 5:30 am class?

Use the Surge Recovery component of the V-Diet for the WODs, assuming that’s your only workout of the day. Sip a little of it before you start.

Weight training in a totally fasted state leads to very little muscle/performance gain, and fasted cardio/metcon could lead to catabolism or muscle loss. So you’ll want to break the “rules” a bit with Surge Recovery and use it before, during and after the WOD. Just mix up one serving and sip it pre, intra, and finish it off post workout.

Have your first Metabolic Drive shake 30-60 minutes after that.

Thank you Chris! Looking forward to the program.

Could I use the Plazma instead of the Surge?

[quote]emrondeau77 wrote:
Could I use the Plazma instead of the Surge?[/quote]

For sure. It’s actually a step up from Surge Workout Fuel. Both are good and SWF is easier on the wallet, but Plazma is superior.

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