Velocity Diet and Alcohol?

I want to do the Velocity Diet during the year after im done with my shoulder program and i was wondering how bad drinking alcohol would affect the diet. By alcohol i mean taking straight up shots of say southern comfort or something like that, i wouldnt mix it with anything else.

It would ruin the diet totally.

I would think anyone attempting the V-Diet would already have excluded alcohol, even the thought of drinking it.

Fat Loss as efficient and fast as possible with the V-Diet seems to be the goal. You should be well aware of the negative effects alcohol will bring.

Whenever I am on a program for fat loss I find I am the obsessive about what I put into my body and how I train. More so than with any other type of program.

It’s been 8 weeks for me with no booze, it’s not that bad.

Are you serious? Clearly your not serious about an extreme diet if you’re looking to add alcohol to the mix. You need it that much you can’t wait a few weeks? Well, I got my daily dose of humor for the day. Thank you.

[quote]83atg wrote:
Well, I got my daily dose of humor for the day. Thank you.[/quote]


I can’t believe that was seriously asked…


V-Diet tribunal please…
But yeah, if you’re going to ask such a question, you’re probably not serious or you’re going to fail.

ok i definitly got it damn i got burned haha was just asking thanks for the replies though.

I told the pity police to stand down.

My god…

Southern Comfort?! Ew!

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