Velocity Diet and 5 Star Complex


So I was planning on doing the Velocity diet in the near future and I was just wondering what everyone thinks about doing (or if anyone has done) CT’s 5 star complex in place of the workouts that are suppose to be done with the V-Diet.


I’ve done the five star complexes and I ended up with shoulder and back problems. And my form is pretty good.


The provided V-Diet training plan is best. It’s designed to fit the diet. And it can be very tough if followed correctly.


Ok thanks Chris. I was just wondering because I have done the 5 star complex before with great results and thought maybe I would be able do it instead but since this will be my first time doing the diet I will just stick to the normal training plan.


I’ve done the V-Diet workouts (while on the V-Diet) and the 5-star complexes at a separate time. Both involve short rest periods so I can see your reasoning. Personally, I got beat up pretty badly by the 5-star workouts and needed extra recovery time and light workouts to deal with the soreness and minor injuries. The V-Diet workouts keep you moving quickly and are apparently tailored for fat-burning, which is what the V-Diet is all about. Plus the V-diet workouts don’t have any weights heavier than ~5 reps so I consider that a recipe for less wear and tear. I would try to avoid excessive soreness while on a calorie-restricted diet. Best of luck!