Velocity Diet 3.0 - Newbie

Hi, I’m a newbie to the V-Diet 3.0. I’ve been trying all sorts of methods of weight loss and fat loss for the past 2 years but have not found any great success due to the difficulty in following through on a routine for long enough.

After I heard about this Velocity Diet, I decided to take charge and JUST DO IT!!! I start tomorrow, Mar 2 and I’ll be posting pictures and measurements shortly. I am fully supplemented up and my buddy even got me a blender to boot. I’m excited about this challenge as I’ve not found something to really get me going.

welcome corny Joke … there is a V-Dieters March thread that you should post your progress to … it helps to know that there are a bunch of others doing it with you … it helps to keep you motivated and it helps if you are motivating others

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