Velocity Diet 3.0 Denmark


Ive just finished Dan John MMS i Dec, 12. And my goal was to gain some more mass and strenght (surprice) Well, after ending MMS ive felt quite strong, and the results where trough the roof.

My next goal was to get rid of the ekstra fat!

I started V-Diet 3.0 D. 3/2 2013
My starting stats:

Weight: 101,5kg
Height 1,98 cm

Neck: 42,5cm
Shoulders: 126cm
Chest-Upper: 111,5cm
Chest-Lower: 106cm
Hips: 107cm
Upper-Arm: 39cm
Upper-Leg: 64,5cm
Lower:40 cm
Ankel: 23,5 cm

After ending transition week.1. 3/2-13 (28 days) did only 21 days on V-Diet.

Weight: 96kg
Height 1,98 cm

Neck: 41cm
Shoulders: 129cm
Chest-Upper: 107,5cm
Chest-Lower: 103cm
Hips: 93,5cm
Upper-Arm: 40cm
Upper-Leg: 64cm
Lower:40 cm
Ankel: 23,5

So, i�´ve lost 25.5 cm all put together, and i`ve gained some cm, on my sholders and upper-arm.

I am very pleased with the rapid results :slight_smile:
My next goal is to have some fun with crossfit again, the GS Open is just around the corner:)
After, im thinking Litvinov`s program.

Well, this was it for now
Take Care
Jacob Bjoern


very good results…keep it up