Velocity Diet - 2nd Time Around

Hi Chris,

I’m giving it another attempt. Just bought another shipment of Metabolic Drive and Surge.

The last time I did it was 3 months ago. Body fat went down to 18% from 21% after the 4 weeks and bodyweight dropped from 171lb to 160lb. Not exactly great results as body fat was still in high teens whilst I did lose some muscle mass as well.

How should I this the second time around? Should I tweak anything?
I followed the Advanced workouts and nutrition as prescribed.

Do you have any other workout templates to recommend for strength and muscle gains other than the Waterbury one?

Should I dive straight into a full V Diet and have all meals with shakes or should I have only 1 HSM and the rest as shake meals?

Your advice please.
Thank You.

I highly doubt your lost any muscle on the V-Diet. Let me guess, you used an electronic type of body fat tester? These are notoriously inaccurate. It’s practically impossible to lose muscle with a higher protein, adequate carb diet with workout nutrition, multiple muscle retentive agents, and weight training. And losing 11 pounds of fat that time period is about 3 times faster than most people say is possible for fat loss, so I’d call that a success.

Doing another workout is up to you. There are several great ones here at T Nation, but I’d first make sure you did the V-Diet workout correctly. Most people simply do not grasp the set/rep protocols. (Maybe we didn’t explain them very well, not sure.)

Modifications are also up to you. Many do very well on an HSM per day if they keep it healthy and in control.

Thank you for the encouraging words, Chris.

Frankly I was quite impressed with the weight loss, especially when I was not very compliant with the NEPA walks some of the time.

It’s just that I’m chasing that elusive 10% bodyfat with very visible abs and vascularity all round.
How many more rounds of V-Diet do you reckon I need to get to 10% to single digit BF?

I am contemplating giving wendlers 531 a go for strength and mass gains. Can it work and will I get the desired results on a V-Diet?

The load intensities on the 531 can b quite highbut will there be sufficient volume to elicit hypertrophy? Rest periods are max 60secs for volume sets at 75% of 1 rep max and wendler advocates weighted vest walks on rest days. Is that sufficient for fat burn as the diet and caloric deficit already takes care of it?

As for the post workout nutrition can I substitute Metabolic Drive with a carb source such as fruits(bananas and berries) for Surge?. It seems i had problems importing it into my country the last time as my customs and fda had queried the ingredient list and held up the release until much later.

  1. Almost impossible to say how long it takes to get a certain look or body fat percentage. Everyone is different, and for some single digit body fat just isn’t their natural genetics. They can get it, but it’s hard to keep. Just not their natural set point. But there is some evidence that the longer one stays lean the easier it is to get and stay there, without feeling like you’re always on a strict diet. But I always advise to go for a “look” rather than a number on a caliper, scale, or BF testing device. Numbers lie, mirrors and pics seldom do. Anyway, some just use the V-Diet to kick-start their fat loss or break a plateau. Lots of other ways to keep the fat coming off with training or just a more “normal” eating plan. But I have seen people do 3-4 V-Diets spread over a year to reach their goal because they just liked the simplicity and convenience.

  2. 5/3/1 is fantastic, but it’s not really a “fat loss” program. In fact, Jim may not advise one to go after fat loss with a pure strength training plan. It’s like chasing two rabbits - both will escape. But it could work if you throw in some conditioning. See my Predator Conditioning article here at or some of Wendler’s conditioning articles here. The lower calories and controlled of the V-Diet do most of the work as far as fat loss goes though.

  3. No, fruit does ZERO for you as far as workout nutrition goes, and while Metabolic Drive is great it’s not workout nutrition, more of a meal replacement.

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