Velocity Diet - 1/8/16 (Update)

Starting the Velocity Challenge tomorrow (1/4/2016) a little background… I am a network engineer, in the last year I have really reduced my activity and gained too much weight. This July my wife and I will be renewing our vows in Hawaii. Of course, this means I have some serious work to do in order to get into beach body form. I have began a workout program in the past but was very inconsistent. This time I’m sucking it up for these 28 days and hopefully that kick starts me into getting that proper look for the wife to enjoy this summer ;). I’m 30 5’11" and 200lbs.
Measurements (Unflexed in inches)
Neck - 16.5
Shoulders - 50.5
Chest - 42
Waist (high/Mid/Low) - 40 / 40 / 39
Hips - 43
Upper Arm - 14
Upper Leg - 24
Calf - 14

Wish me Luck…

Congrats! You don’t need luck. You got this.

Thanks Mod_Phoenix!

How did day 1 go?

It was not bad at all. I did my workout which I felt fine throughout the day however, I am starting to really feel it. I am interested to see how I will feel during tomorrows workout.

I am definitely feeling the soreness today! The reverse squats had to be the worse (especially following the squats two days ago). It sad to say, it’s only day three and I am starting to crave some solid food throughout the day beyond the one solid meal daily, lol. I just need to ensure not to give into temptations.

So… (sigh) third workout of the week and I don’t know if I just selected too much weight or what. I am completely disappointed in myself as I only made it half way through the second exercise (incline dumbbell bench press) before complete failure. I attempted 50lbs dumbbells which usually are not a problem however, today caused me to not only fail to complete the exercise but also not able to complete the pull ups. I did however push through the disappointment and wobbled muscles to complete the hand walk outs. I will stay patient and not allow this to slow me down but hopefully next week will provide better results. Talk to you guys later.


Here we go! Week two and I have just completed the workout. I had to reduce the weight from last week in the front squats but I focused a lot on my form this time. Since I am working out on my own I am nervous about attempting too much weight and hurting myself. I do feel much better though! I Hope all of you out there are doing good.


Good work Vic.

Where are you working out that you “failed” a workout? Was switching to lighter dumbbells or using an assisted pullup machine not an option when those sets got to be too much?

How are the food cravings after week one? I’m only in day 2 and this afternoon has been pretty rough, foodwise. I’m hungry for sure.

Thanks Napalm,

I am working out on my own in the garage. I was able to switch to lighter dumbbells but don’t have an assisted pull-up machine. I purchased some bands this past weekend. We will see how that works out.

As for the food cravings… They have been pretty bad but I think it is more psychological. The fact that I only get that one solid for dinner sucks! But I am noticing this week that I still feel the hunger but it isn’t nearly as bad as the first week.

Keep up the good work!

The food cravings are rough. When I get hungry I ask myself questions like “Would I rather be super lean, or be allowed to eat pizza whenever I want?”

Some days the answer isn’t so clear!

I remind myself that pizza would immediately register in my brain as a mistake after I ate it… but if I managed to get ripped, that’s something I would never, ever regret. :slight_smile:

Stay strong. Seeing results makes it easier…


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