Velocity Diet 1/4/2016

Starting the Velocity Challenge tomorrow (1/4/2016) a little background… I’m in the Marine Corps, constantly active with sports when I have the time, and been going to the gym off and on for a few years now. I’m in pretty good shape but have always been a small guy, basically the epitome of the “skinny fat” guy because I can put up good weight for my size but I’m not as cut or lean as I wish I was. Especially after those binge weekends I seem to bust out during football season but this time I’m sucking it up for these 28 straight days and hopefully that kick starts me into getting rid of those bad habits. I’m 26 5’8" and 150lbs.
Measurements (Unflexed in inches)
Neck - 16
Shoulders - 46.5
Chest - 39.5
Waist (high/Mid/Low) - 35.25 / 37 / 36.75
Hips - 39
Upper Arm - 14.5
Upper Leg - 24
Calf - 15

here goes nothing…

Valdeezy, welcome to the challenge. It’s cool to see the different backgrounds giving this thing a try. I’ll be following you and your progress. Let’s do this.

Thank you I appreciate the support. Day 1 went great, I’m doing the intermediate workout plan and I am sore but the good kind of sore. Day two was a battle because EVERYTHING EDIBLE looked fantastic. I’m basically addicted to AMP energy drinks (usually 1-2 a day) and I actually gave them all away today it was a step that needed to be taken to get through these 28 days fully committed.

About to start day 5 tomorrow. Body feels better each day, but I definitely hit a starving sensation between my second and third shakes of the day. Once I reach that third shake the rest of the day is fine. My usual day starts out at waking up around 430am drinking a shake by 5am, second shake between 930-1030am, third shake around 130-230pm, dinner around 430-5pm, (if workout day i go at 6pm) last shake of the day roughly 8-9pm. Is this similar to most of the days or is there something I should tweak?

Hi Valdeezy,

On my days off, I have the first 3 shakes and then dinner and a shake before bed… and I am also finding my hunger is hitting me between either the 2nd and 3rd shake or the 3rd shake and dinner… I tend to work out either very early morning, or very late evening, so i tend to split that shake so i have a scoop before and a scoop after (i don’t think it makes much difference actually, more that my brain is trained to want shake after working out).

I have found on days where i am working, that having my HSM at lunchtime is stopping my afternoon hunger pangs, so maybe try moving your dinner? Although, where i work long hours, once I am home, Im straight to bed, so i do not have that evening time at home wondering about food if that makes sense?

I can’t believe we are a week in already! really hasn’t been hat bad at all!


I never thought of splitting the shakes before that might help a bit. I assumed this week would be the roughest in terms of being tired and hungry etc… with our bodies going through all the adjustments of the schedule. I think my hardest challenge is trying to feel full middle of the day because we have PT most mornings in the week which usually consist of at least 3 miles of running with some form calisthenics thrown in along the way. Once my body catches up at that 3rd shake, if its a workout day, my HSM is the greatest achievement!

I havent seen MUCH of a change appearance wise yet after the first 5 days buuuuuut I’ve lost roughly 5lbs and shirts seem to fit a little differently so I’m excited to keep going.

Keep Going!

I only noticed little changes, and was not sure if it was my eyes playing tricks on me, or fantastic gym mirrors/lighting!

At my bootcamp this morning, the instructor said he had noticed a ‘big change’ in me! so that was nice! and I have just measured myself (posted a few moments ago)- considerably large drops in weight and measurement than I had initially thought!

Keep on going! :o)

Those gym mirrors are deceiving at times but make you feel great! haha
Today is my circuit course day so we will see how that goes. Im debating going to the gym to do it or just doing it in my room. Room is closer to the shower so thats where im leaning at the moment

Measurements (Unflexed in inches)
Neck - 16.25
Shoulders - 46
Chest - 38.5
Waist (high/Mid/Low) - 33.5 / 35 / 35.55
Hips - 37
Upper Arm - 14.5
Upper Leg - 23
Calf - 14.5

Throughout the week i went from 152.8lbs (Day 1 weight) down to as low as 147.2 and this morning I am at 150.6

Drop in waist measurement is pretty damn awesome for 5 days in. Keep it up.

Thanks! Thats what I was most excited for too. This routine is becoming a lot easier in terms of hunger and getting into time of when to make a shake. The next 3 weeks should be great. Unfortunately I did cheat the HSM on Sunday because I was out watching the Redskins game. No beer but my meal just wasnt the healthiest.

I’ll have a situation like that soon. My wife and I watch professional wrestling together and next Sunday is WWE’s Royal Rumble. We have a tradition of ordering pizza for WWE Pay-Per-Views. I don’t want to take that from her, which means if I’m gonna be good, I need to be eating grilled chicken and green beans while she’s got an XL bacon/pepp pizza from IMO’s next to me…

looks like you need to have at least one slice and just do the circuit course that day. Might help it not hit your body as hard

I’m sure some pizza one day out of 28 wouldn’t hurt… it’s just the principal of the thing. Proving to myself I can go all month without a single slip-up. I think I’m capable of that, and when the pizza shows up, it’ll be time to prove it.

Also, I know myself. I know that if one slice of pizza goes in my mouth, then slices of pizza will continue to go in my mouth until either there is no more pizza left or I die from pizza overload.

haha! thats exactly how I feel each time the NFL games are on I usually would knock back a few brewski’s and relax for the weekend. This will be the first month I go with no alcohol in about 4 years its crazy. Plus I realize that last sentence makes me sound like an alcoholic haha.

Do any of you use a pre workout? I just wrote to another user asking about energy and it made me think about pre workout. I haven’t touched any since starting this so im just curious if any of you continue to use any specific kind.

I wrote on his thread as well.

Before V-Diet I was breaking Spike tablets in half and taking that before a workout if I felt like I needed it.

Now I’m using Hot Rox and timing the dosage so that it’s takin’ effect during my warmup… Hot Rox feels pretty good.

Once upon a time I used to use things like N.O. Xplode, N.O.Shotgun, C4, etc… that stuff always felt really good as long as you didn’t take it so much that you developed a tolerance. I got to the point where I was dragging ass unless I had a fresh dose of pre-workout supp in me. That’s no good.

I might give HOT-ROX a try. I dont necessarily need the extra energy for the workouts I just always feel like im pushing more especially with the smaller rest periods as the schedule goes on. I went back and read the plan again and when talking about outside drinks it said no sugar. I found those pre-made C4 drinks and they have no sugar in them and under 8 calories so i bought 4 (only because it was buy 3 get 1 free at $2.99 per) and I took one with today’s workout. Lets just say im giving the other 3 away now because that workout wasn’t any different.

Measurements (Unflexed in inches)
Neck - 16
Shoulders - 46.5
Chest - 39
Waist (high/Mid/Low) - 32.5 / 34.5 / 35
Hips - 37
Upper Arm - 14.5
Upper Leg - 23
Calf - 15

This morning I weighed in at 146.8 (been within 0.5lbs the past 3 days)

So far since day 1 (14 days in now) ive lost 4lbs

Neck stayed the same
Shoulders stayed the same
Chest down 0.5inches
Waist (H/M/L) (-2.75/-2.5/-1.75)
Hips down 2.0inches
Upper arm stayed the same
Upper leg Down 1.0inches
Calf stayed the same

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