Velocity Det in Rugby ?Pre Season

I’m curious if attempting to do V-Diet while in Rugby pre season is a fantastic or terrible idea. Would it be advisable to try every other day V-Diet while in training? For example we Practice Tues/Thurs and I lift Monday Wednesday. Mobility work on Friday and Games on Saturday (pre-season matches currently.) Tentative thought: Velocity Diet Sunday, Monday & Wednesday. More than happy to be everyone else’s lab experiment.

Some context: I was a D1 athlete in college and I have struggled to keep my abs aesthetically pleasing. I have never had issues with any other body area, and I have attempted all sorts of diets (Standard bodybuilding, Paleo, Slow Carb.) Received the best results from Paleo, but never as good as I hoped. I’ve done Wendlers 531 for a few years and am currently doing Triphasic training for Rugby.

I usually recommend that athletes wait until the off season to do the V-Diet or any strict fat loss oriented plan. I have an NFL athlete now doing the V-Diet. During the season he followed my guidelines here:

The V-Diet could be altered for pre-season though in the way that you wrote. Can’t say I’ve had anyone do that before, but I don’t see a problem, especially if the other days are conducted in the style described in the above article. This method may also be effective:

Thanks a lot Chris, much appreciated.

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