Velocity Attempt - Healthy to Shredded

The title’s pretty nice, isn’t it? Let’s hope it’s prophetic, since I’m still in the very beginning of the Velocity diet, still adjusting supplement intake and fiber, etc…

For some background: I’m a healthy, fitness-oriented guy who normally eats a relatively healthy diet. I don’t eat candy, I don’t drink soda or energy drinks, I avoid starch and salt bombs and anything with high fructose corn syrup. I’ve been at about 12-15% body fat for at least 5 years while doing crossfit, starting strength, climbing, and various lifting. I’ve done Krav Maga, various sorts of yoga, and generally anything that keeps me moving and interested.

Basically, I can say I’m fit by the definition of fitness (how capable are you of performing various tasks). However, I’ve never seen my six pack (usually the top 4 are just sorta peeking out if I flex my abs). Oh, I suppose it helps to mention that I’m a software engineer, so I’m stuck in a chair for at least 8 hours every day…

Anyway, my company is having a biggest loser contest. I’m probably the lowest % body fat person there, and the most physically active. I was feeling apprehensive about taking part in the competition until I stumbled on the Velocity Diet page…Don’t even know how I ended up here. When I saw it, I immediately realized I could accomplish several goals at once:

  • Reach 6% body fat for the first time in my life, thus freeing my abs from their padding, setting me up for better muscle gains next strength cycle, and making it easy for me to get up walls in climbing.

  • Further refine my eating habits while testing my willpower. The challenge of making it through such a harrowing diet is almost reason enough to do it…Though I’m watching myself carefully so I don’t overdo it.

  • Show others at work what a serious commitment to a diet can do even for someone who is already fit. Most of them could lost 20-40 lbs in a month on this, if they could make it through.

So I started on the 13th:

Weight: 171.5 lbs
Body Fat: Approx 13%
Calories: 1300 - 1550

I’m taking in approx 45g of fiber each day, 48g of non-fiber carbs on non-workout days and 78 on workout days, 170g of protein, and about 50 grams of healthy fat from flax, fish oil, and my protein supplement. My protein drink has micellar casein as well as whey, as well as vitamins and supporting ingredients.

I’m on day 5 now and doing well…I’ll update the thread with some of my experiences so far, but I wanted to introduce myself first.

Right now I’m heading to the kitchen to make my first HSM: Steamed veggies, half of a chicken breast, and some spinach salad.

Sounds great man! Cant wait to see the results.

Took some basic measurements (day 5):
Belly: 32
Thigh: 21.5
Calf: 14
Chest: 41
Upper Abs: 34
Upper Arm: 12
Neck: 15

I’ll update my weight on monday when I’m at the scale I’ve been using (it’s at work).

The first few days of the diet were ROUGH. On the first day, people were deliberately messing with me. There were also free bagels, free lunch, and other temptations eaten right in front of me. I wasn’t too hungry at that point, but it made me conscious of those temptations. The second day, our company had an outing to play broomball, which is very cardio intensive.

I burned about 800 calories with that (if estimates are to be believed), while remaining true to the diet. That night I had a nasty sugar/carb reduction headache, and some muscle ache as well. I took some alka seltzer plus, which helped me get through the night. In the morning, I was fine.

The 3rd day, our company had an offsite, which is basically an 8 hour meeting held somewhere other than the offices. There was free food EVERYWHERE. No water available, just juice and soda. I brought along my blender, bought some bottled water at a gas station, and brought all of my supplements to the offsite, stepping out of the meeting to mix my meals. The worst part of that day was boredom plus hunger. When I’m focused on something, it all goes smoothly…When I’m thinking about when the next shake is, it gets harder.

As the days go on, I’m learning little tricks and adjusting the way I take in my meals. I only have 2.5 servings of flax per day, but I have a half serving with every shake, which seems to help with hunger a LOT. It’s hard for me to judge how well the HOT-ROX are doing, since I’m doing so much new stuff all at once (hard to isolate effects), but the caffeine at least is reducing my hunger and picking up my energy.

Beyond that, I must say that I feel lower energy than usual, but that disappears in an instant when sipping/chugging my post workout drink. My body is definitely craving sugar. However, I haven’t been losing strength or stamina, so that’s fine. Let it crave. :wink:

The first week was brutal for me, but heading into week 3, I feel pretty good. You should see results very quickly with this diet, so hopefully that will help you get past any temptations that come your way.

Keep up the hard work!

Good luck, I’m on day five also and the temptations do suck. Just hang in there.

You’re doing great! People will try to derail you. I come up against it all the time. As an already fit and healthy guy, you will set a great example by supporting your colleagues in the biggest loser contest.
The first 6 days were really tough for me too. However, after my first HSM things magically got much better. I’m on day 13 and feel really good. As Thai says, you should experience some fast results.

Ha ha! A blender to your meeting. I took a George Forman Grill to a company overnighter once. See, at this forum you’re with people who understand!
Good luck. Looking forward to tracking your progress.Helen

thebrit: Haha…Yeah, I’ll show them who’s crazy! (the answer is me, by the way)

Bruce, Jonsey: Yeah, the weight results have already been substatial. I think I’m down 6-8lbs, but it’s mostly water. Maybe a little more definition on my arms when I flex, but otherwise still pretty steady state. I’m happily sticking with it though.

Thai: Thanks for the support. :slight_smile:


So, day 5 was quite good. The HSM was wonderful, but it made me wish that the shakes were less sweet. I really crave salty or savory flavors. Even just the chicken breast was incredibly tasty.

The only thing I worry about with the shakes is that they may leave me craving sweet things at the end of the diet. I used to have a mean sweet tooth before I kicked soda, energy drinks, and the like. I love having the shakes blended up with plenty of ice…But it always seems like I’m eating dessert.

So far on day 6…I think it’s the first day I haven’t been hungry even the least bit. Things are starting to get into the groove, I think. I’m betting that the only reason I felt hungry at all yesterday was because I skipped my .5 serving of flax in one of my shakes. It makes a HUGE difference in how quickly it gets digested, even with the micellar casein.

This morning, I’m really feeling great about the diet. My roommates made pancakes (albeit healthy ones, with whole wheat and flax), the smell filled the entire house, and I didn’t skip a beat going straight for the shakes. I think my dedication to eating healthy before the diet is following me into the diet.

congrats on taking the v-diet plunge! there are quite a few of us here that eat healthy and are not big sweets people…i find that if you add the m/d to things like chai tea or coffee (making latte’s and the like), it lessens some of the sweet, allows for some savory flavors, but still keeps to the program.

i add 1 scoop of vanilla with a little water to chai, earl grey , green tea (decaf organics the lot), coffee, espresso, etc…and the chocolate m/d to the earl grey,coffee and espresso. depending on my mood, i drink them hot, or mix with ice…

hope this helps!

Nice work so far, keep it up! Seems like the first week really is the toughest from everything I’ve been reading. I’m on day 1 myself, and so far the shakes are keeping me full. I’ll start a thread here soon…watching the playoffs right now :smiley:

Darth: Thanks for the suggestions. I’m a tea fiend, so maybe I can figure out something with the powder in tea. It’ll be interesting at the very least! Beyond that, I might hunt down some savory protein powder if it exists. If there was a protein enhanced chicken broth out there, I’d go NUTS for it.

f3arless: Welcome to the diet! 1st day is mainly just weird…Watch out for the second day, it seemed to be the worst for me. By the end of the first week, when you get your HSM in, things should start feeling pretty normal.

Shakes seem like a perfectly natural meal to me at this point…Though I do still catch myself glancing at the clock to see when my next one comes.

I’m glad you’re feeling better! It should be plain sailing for you now. I’m on day 14 and feel great. No lack of energy or loss of muscle. I wonder how your biggest loser workmates are doing! When is the first weigh-in? Helen

I’m glad there is light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to get to the point you’re at soon. Day 2 definitely caught me a bit off guard but I’m still sticking to the plan. Also, Superfood is delcious and a huge help if I start getting hungry too far before my mid-day shake! It absorbs in water way better than greens+ and tastes much better too!

On my way back from my NEPA (during my lunch break), I walked by some place serving fried food and while it smelled great, I wasn’t even tempted to eat!!

My thread is here with my 2 roommates:

Should be fun!


thebrit: I’m really looking forward to day 14. Not as much as I’m looking forward to day 28 though. :wink:

f3arless: Superfood? Most Superfood has a lot of calories from what I remember…Is it a meal replacement or something? Or maybe a vitamin powder version of Superfood? I’ll check out your thread as well.


Weigh in today is actually pretty hilarious. So far, only one other person in the competition has lost ANY weight. Everyone else (at least those who have weighed in) has gained half to one lb. I’m honestly not surprised. People who aren’t in the competition have been bringing in donuts and bagels and other free stuff, and the people on diets have been giving themselves permission to eat crap just because it’s free.

Starting Weight: 171.5
Weigh-in: 165.5

Yeah, that’s right…6 lbs in that first week. It’s pretty awesome, but how much of that is fat? Any at all? The next week will be a big test. I’ve read a lot of reports from people doing the V-diet where they lose 5 lbs week 1, then 1 or 2 lbs for the rest. I’m not sure what they’re doing obviously, but it doesn’t match up to what I’m hoping to accomplish. It’s still a good amount of weight, but after getting back 3 or 4 lbs from water, it ends up being rather average for a diet…1 lb of fat per week or so. Of course, I’ve also seen reports of much greater loss.

Somewhere in this diet, there are variables that aren’t getting tracked. Maybe it’s whether people are doing the workouts or NEPA walks…Maybe it’s different SHMs or whether they hang out at the low or high end of the calorie range. I honestly don’t know, and can’t know without a controlled study of some sort.

As for today, day 7, things are going okay, but I’m in slight panic mode. I left my blender and post workout drink at home this morning, and I live far enough away from work that I can’t just go get them, even before my workout tonight. PANIC! It’ll be worse than usual today having stirred shakes and waiting until I get home for the post workout drink. Wish me luck!

Today was tougher than it should have been, mostly because my blender was at home. BOO! Other than that, had some great activity today: a nice walk and some vigorous ping pong games.

Today’s workout was a snap, definitely going to add more weight to the next one. I also climbed today for the first time since starting the diet…And did a new personal best, completing a 5.11c. That’s a HARD climb. Even just a few pounds lost really helps a lot when it comes to finger strength.

Oh, I know that feeling of panic when you forget a shake or you supps. And your colleagues - that’s funny. What is it about people and free grub! I witnessed it once on veterans day when the Golden Corral buffet was offering free all you can eat to active duty military, their families and retirees… It was an out and out feeding frenzy. I know you’ll stay strong.

Re body fat. There is a great calculator at this link

We use this at work for the military b/f standard. Its accurate between 1 and 3 percent, but will give you a good estimate of how much fat you’re losing. It also gives you the YMCA standard. A figure somewhere between the navy and YMCA is pretty accurate. Actually its more accurate than a hand held when measuring already lean people.

Superfoods is great and approved by Chris on this diet. Negligible calories. Its powdered form. I agree that Greens+ is NASTY! Superfoods makes you feel like you’re getting your fruit and veggies in. Chris recommends a serving in a morning shake.

Sorry to ramble in your thread. Good luck this week and congrats on your weightloss. Helen

Ramble as much as you want! It’s great for motivation. I may look into superfood, just to see what it’s like. Something about the description kind of confuses me…Somehow it is just freeze dried fruit, and the calories are negligible? When you freeze dry something, the sugars don’t just disappear, so there must be something more to the process. I’m somewhere between 10-13% (1-3% margin) according to the tool you sent me to. At least if my measurements are right.

Today is my first day of the second week! May it fly by as swiftly as the first!

Glad to see you’re still going strong! Grats on the 5.11c, that’s damn impressive! 3 years ago I worked at a rock wall for my University, weighed 185lbs, and was able to red-point a few 5.12a’s (debatable), but never got beyond that. At 205, I don’t have a prayer. I’d really like to get down to 190 (as I’ve gained significant lean mass since then) and start climbing again.

So does blending the shakes with ice really make a big difference? At day 3 I’m getting a tad nauseous when chugging these down. The first day they tasted good!

[quote]f3arless wrote:

So does blending the shakes with ice really make a big difference? At day 3 I’m getting a tad nauseous when chugging these down. The first day they tasted good![/quote]

It’s like eating solid food. Yes, it makes a HUGE difference.

Also, I’ve taken to eating my flax dry. The texture and chewing are incredible psychological motivators.

Today…Well, it was trouble. I just took on the role of project leader for an extremely large project in the company. The stress and time commitment associated with that is combining with the difficulty focusing and lowered energy that’s hitting hard lately…And making me doubt whether I need or want this diet.

Mind you, I haven’t cheated or quit yet. I’m not going to be one of those people who just disappears from the forum, leaving people wondering what the hell happened. I like what this diet has done for me so far, and I’d like to see what that last day is like. However, my inability to think straight is KILLING me as an engineer, and it is unacceptable for my job.

Let me lay it out for you folks what’s going on in my head…

Stick with it:

  • Potential for dropping into single digit fat % (may be close already)
  • Willpower test: Feeling of victory over food.
  • Interesting experiment, extra time not figuring out meals, etc
  • Great, supportive community, and ability to judge the diet’s results for myself at the end.

Transition out or quit :

  • Get back my focus and energy, lower daily stress back to normal levels
  • Already have healthy eating habits (low starches and sugars, good veggies and proteins and healthy fats)
  • Already at a fairly low BF%, could still probably win/place in biggest loser

There are some more things circling in my head, but I wanted to throw this out there at all of you. Most of the success stories I’ve heard come out of the v-diet have been from people with 20%+ body fat or serious issues with eating. There’s a huge amount of willpower that goes into the diet, and I believe I have that…But if I stop, I will only have that belief, not the proof.

If you were in my shoes: Lean, athletic, and in a position of responsibility that requires you to be at your best…Would you stop or keep forcing your way forward? Obviously, my brain is trying to urge me towards stopping, so I’m making it sound like the better choice, but I’m hoping to get honest opinions.

Just read your post. I will give it some thought and reply later when I return from work. Helen

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