Velocity 3.0 Workout Warm-up?

Maybe I missed it some where but is there a warm-up protocol for this workout, and did I miss something with the light med. and heavy day. I am doing the Adv. workout. I started this morning and I think I understand the workout it was definitely a core challenge and I felt it a little everywhere.

I don’t think there is a warm-up protocol.

But if you can, get your hands on the M2 Magnificent Mobility DVD, it’s completely changed my warm-ups.


Coach Waterbury has addressed that here a couple of time I believe:

Thanks I will check that out.

I guess here is my other question. I am not so much worried about the diet. I have trained for over 23 years and I just dropped from 188lbs to 170lbs for the Arnold pump and run in Columbus,Oh.( I placed 13th over all and ran my fastest 5k since high school and I’m 41yrs) I am an old bodybuilder at heart and I love the cutting weight and discovering whats underneath.

My question is will this workout still help my strength and size if I am already used to running workouts on my off days? And I don’t go crazy with the mileage. I did the Sat/Sun workout and the first Mon. workout of the Advanced workout and I love the set-up. It seems challenging in a whole different way and I think it will help tremendously in my lagging areas(shoulder flexibility and over all core). I feel a great deal of core and an over all body work.

Just wait for Wed advanced workout. I’ve been on the V-Diet for about 2 weeks, and on both Wednesdays i barely managed to walk out of the gym.I had to stop 3 to 4 times before i got to my car.Almost puked. Great stuff.

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