Vegetarian V-Diet


Hi Chris,
I am starting the plan this Saturday. Have you ever any feedback from vegetarians who have been on the plan?

Any HSM suggestions? We generally cook healthy, so i am thinking a bean based dish, fresh vege’s, etc. Just wondering if you had any specific advice or food recommendations.



that includes no eggs or fish.


Since most vegetarians don’t get enough protein and aminos, they usually do well with the V-Diet since it fixes that problem. The addition of plain German creatine (5g per day) is also good for them since a meat-less diet means they can’t naturally get muscle-building creatine in their diets.

A vegetarian HSM should be clean, of course, and things like hummus can provide some protein (beans and seeds) and good fats (olive oil). Add a pile of vegetables and avoid the junk dressings and you’ll be fine. Beans have their drawbacks being so starchy, but vegetarians are pretty hampered given their choice.