Vegetarian + MAG-10 Question

Hey Chris,

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I have been watching a lot of TED talks on nutrition and what not and I love the science and ideas behind everything that helps us build the optimal functional body, athlete or not. I have been researching and actually seeing some merit in why some people eat a mainly plant and starch based diet (fruits, veggies, potatoes, corn, etc.), especially if there food is organic and “whole” to the best extent possible. I have never been an advocate of vegetarianism or anything, but the curious side in me kind of wants to try what would happen if I did this?

now, I also see the undisputable evidence of meat, protein, etc. for our bodies to help the essential amino acids that make up our bodies function properly and what not, so I am not saying “oh I wanna throw meat out the window or what not yadda yadda.” but I feel that the main reason we DO eat meat is 1.) protein content to help support protein synthesis in our bodies, and 2.) when it is pure grass fed and grass finished meat, the fatty acids contained are extremely beneficial to overall health.


I tried a diet that was almost all organic fruits, vegetables, and starches (no grains at all), and then for my protein source I would of course use plazma for peri workout, but just had 4 pulses of MAG-10 a day to help with the protein synthesis. this is considering that in the past I have read that the amino acid spike that MAG-10 delivers is FAR more beneficial than any steak could give you.

I was just curious as to what you think may happen, or if this is something that someone could even try without risking losing muscle mass or something like that.

Thanks for your input!

also, to add

I would also of course eat things like nuts, essential oils, flax, beans, etc.

One over-looked component of good ol’ bloody meat is saturated fat, which is essential for several basic functions, including optimal hormone levels like T. So this could be an interesting experiment if you added saturated fat, and you could do that with coconut oil, which is of course plant based. Other than that, the idea seems doable: you’ve got protein and peri-workout very well covered. I’d also use fish oil like Flameout instead of flax. It’s “pre-coverted” for you by the fish and Flameout has CLA which is something else quality meat provides.

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